Fall Top 5 // Nail Polish


Hi Darlings,

For today’s post I’m starting a new series (yet again, can you guess I love series?): if you like it every season I’m going to share with you my TOP 5 FAVOURITES for some beauty category. As always I want to know what you think and what do you want to see next!

Today I’m starting with nail polishes.

Let me know in the comments what are your favourite Fall nail polishes as I’m huge nail polish junkie so I can check them out!

Fall Must Haves Nail Polishes


Fall Must Have Nail Polishes



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[All the photos in the chart are from Pinterest, I also got the inspiration for the style of the chart on Pinterest]



Ciao Darlings,

Per il post di oggi ho pensato di iniziare una nuova serie (si, un’altra, penso sia chiaro che amo le serie): se vi piace l’idea, ogni stagione condividerò con i miei 5 PRODOTTI PREFERITI in alcune categorie beauty. Come sempre voglio sapere che cosa ne pensate e cosa volete vedere in futuro!

Oggi inizierò con gli Smalti.

Siccome li amo fatemi sapere quali sono i vostri top così posso dargli un’occhiata!




Top 5 Fall Nail Polishes



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73 thoughts on “Fall Top 5 // Nail Polish

    1. I love that too so much! Also, since glittery polish is a pain to take off if you just do one nail life gets so much easier XD <3

    1. They have the best formula and those two shades are my top favourites. I bought Fiji THREE TIMES AHAHH

  1. I love that color Bahama mama. That looks very cute and comfy in fall and in winters too.

      1. Agreed, plus they hold a really fond memory for me as the first one I ever bought was on a road trip across America, I’d never bought a nail vanish that was so expensive (relative to what I spent on beauty back then) that it felt like a real treat lol, ah the innocence of youth 🙂

        1. I totally agree, I remember when I bought my first one (that actually was bahama mama) it felt so special and I wore it to death! The fact that I could find so many great polishes for a lot less didn’t justify the splurge in my mind when I was younger but now that I know how good the formula is and the brush is really good, I’m more than happy to spend on them when I fall for a shade ♥️😘

          1. For the quality I wouldn’t even say they are expensive, they just seemed it when all my makeup was hand me downs from my sister 🙈😄

          2. Hahaha no I know, but I usually am broke! XD 💸💸💸

  2. I’m obsessed with those two Essie colors! So pretty and feminine for fall!

    1. They are genuinely so pretty 💅🏼😍 thank you for your comment 💕

  3. I’m usually a pink or red kinda gal but I have to say, I’m seriously crushing on that green rain forest color! That is SO fun!

  4. These look so perfect and ready for fall! Can’t wait to try these colors out!

    xx, Shreya

  5. Love plums and deep reds for nail color in the fall (: also, that green is gorgeous. I’ve been trying to find one I like recently…

    1. That one is amazing, you should totally check it out! Let me know if you end up picking it up 😉💕

  6. LOVE these, especially the Essie ones! They’re SO pretty! ❤️❤️

  7. I love Fall Mood! It’s so pretty, and even something that could be extended to wearing into Christmas time!! Such a gorgeous colour!! .X.

  8. katevanvleck says:

    I love ALL of these but especially that bronze Revlon number! Amazing!

  9. I love Essie polishes! The Fiji is beautiful. I feel like you can wear a nude any time of the year. Love that you included it.

    1. I like to use it all year around! It makes you hands so elegant doesn’t it? 😍😍😊💅🏼

  10. Such a nice post! I’m a huge fan of Fiji nail colour, it’s such versatile nude shade 💛

    1. I totally agree with you but actually I have Bahama Mama on my nails since Tuesday and they are barely chipped! It’s safe to say, I’m impressed! I need to check that Marc Jacobs one. It looks so pretty! 😍 Thank you for your comment 💕

  11. I wish our L’Oreal bottles had that quilted bottle, they look much more luxe like that!

  12. Ooh, the two essie colors are gorgeous!! 💕

  13. yes yes yes I really want to try these. I love nail polishes too ❤ by the way they are such lovely colors.

  14. I love all these colors, especially that green one! I need to get one for myself too 😍 xx

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