Halloween | Jessica Rabbit #MakeupMonday

Jessica Rabbit Inspired Make Up Look [Click to Read More]

Hi Darlings,

I’m back today with another Halloween look, this time I’m doing Jessica Rabbit. I grew up watching “Who Framed Roger Rabbit” (infact I’m watching it right now!) and I’ve always loved Jessica, she’s stunning!

So since my hair are so red right now I tought I could do an inspired Halloween #MakeupMonday for her look, well, actually YOU helped me decided between her and Cheryl Blossom, I runned a poll (I’m loving them) on Twitter and Instagram.

I was going to buy a few products for this but I decided not to and keep with my philosophy of using things I already have and I ended up just getting the purple liner and the falsies, all for less then 10€.


Jessica Rabbit Inspired Make Up Look  [Click to Read More]







Urban Decay Naked3
Urban Decay Naked Heat
MAC Parfait Amour

Jessica Rabbit Inspired Make Up Look [Click to Read More]

Jessica Rabbit Inspired Make Up Look [Click to Read More]



  • Lipliner: Sephora Lip Liner To Go in Deep Ruby to outline them.
  • Lipstick: Rimmel Provocalips Lip Colour in Kiss Me You Fool, to get Jessica’s sexy pout I used this Rimmel double lipstick because is super long lasting while remaining glossy, it was the perfect product.


To set it all in place I used the Essence Instant Matt Setting Spray

Jessica Rabbit Inspired Make Up Look [Click to Read More]

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Ciao Darlings,

Il look di Halloween di oggi è ispirato a Jessica Rabbit. Sono cresciuta guardando “Chi Ha Incastrato Roger Rabbit” (in effetti lo sto guardando adesso!) e Jessica mi è sempre piaciuta tantissimo, è stupenda!

Perciò, visto che al momento i miei capelli sono così rossi, ho pensato sarebbe stato divertente creare un #MakeupMonday a lei dedicato per Halloween, in realtà mi avete aiutato voi a decidere tra lei e Cheryl Blossom attraverso un sondaggio (mi diverto da morire a farli) su Twitter e Instagram.

Volevo acquistare alcuni prodotti per questo look ma ho deciso di non farlo e di continuare con la mia filosofia di usare solo cose che già ho, però ho acquistato una matita viola e le ciglia finte, il tutto per circa 10€.







Urban Decay Naked3
Urban Decay Naked Heat
MAC Parfait Amour
  • Ombretti: Prima di tutto ho usato la Urban Decay Naked3, ho iniziato con Strange su tutta la palpebra e Limit nella piega come colore di transizione, dopodiché ho usato la NYX Slide On Pencil in Pretty Violet per fare una linea nella piega in modo da crearne una finta più in alto, poi con l’ ombretto di MAC in Parfait Amour ho fissato e sfumato la matita. Infine per dare un po’ più di profondità alla piega ho usato Ashes dalla Naked Heat.
  •  Eyeliner: Tattoo Liner di Kat Von D in Trooper per creare una linea sottile per cancellare l’attaccatura delle ciglia finte + Sephora Kohl and Liner in Keep Black, per delineare la rima superiore interna.
  • Mascara: Finalmente in Italia è arrivato il L’Oreal Paradise Extatic quindi ho applicato due passate di questo ma per ottenere il look sexy di Jessica ho usato delle ciglia finte ovvero le Eylure Volume 100.





Per fissare il tutto ho usato l’Essence Instant Matt Setting Spray.


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67 thoughts on “Halloween | Jessica Rabbit #MakeupMonday

  1. Love this look sweet! She is the original siren and you pull it off so well! x

    1. You totally can! It’s just make up you can wash it off if you don’t like it 😊😘

  2. loveee this look! can totally tell you’re jessica rabbit & the lips are perfect 🙌🏻

    1. Thanks darling! I had a lot of fun doing it ♥️😘 although I’m not the biggest fan of rimmel products I have to agree with you, that lipstick was perfect 😉

  3. areadingcat says:

    super cute! loved it! xx

  4. Oh woow! I love this look! This is something I can do for Halloween😍😍😍 like always keep slayin 👌😘

    1. Thank you! I’d love to see you recreating it 😍😍😍😍 😘😘

      1. If it’s good enough, I might post it! But don’t get your hopes up cuz I’m not good at make up lol!

        1. You are going to do an amazing job, I’d love to see your take on it 😍 ♥️

  5. So pretty! I need to try more new things with my make-up. Thanks for the inspiration!

  6. Love this 🙂 totally sexy (and I am saying that in a none leery way – don’t think that comes across – but if we were friends in the real world I’d say that so..) *stop rambling Sarah, you’re making it worse* ……. you look great lol, I should of just said that 🙄

    1. Ahhahah you are the cutest! We are friends in the real world! We just haven’t met yet 😉♥️♥️♥️ Thanks darling xx

  7. I love this makeup look on you! I seriously just like all of your makeup tutorials 😀 The bold red lipstick and the purple eye shadow is a great combo. And I LOVE Jessica Rabbit, she’s the reason I started using Corset for waist training. ~Xoxo

  8. I loooove this look! I’ve always wanted to do a Jessica Rabbit cosplay. Now I know how to do the makeup!

  9. Jessica Rabbit was always one of ym faves – looks so good!

  10. This is gorgeous! I love red lipstick… Just not sure how the purple eyeshadow will go on my olive skin though.

    1. Thank you 💕 You can definitely find a purple shadow that will suits you! Maybe something darker and with a warmer tone 😊💕

    1. Thank you! Well she’s not a princess but “Who Framed Roger Rabbit” is Disney 😏😂😘😘

  11. Oh wow! Spot on! I love this makeup look. And it suits you so well!!

  12. First off, you are freaking gorgeous! And secondly, this is SO fun and perfect for Halloween! Or really any time, because it looks so dang good!

    1. Thank you 🙈🙈🙈 you are adorable!! ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

  13. THE LIPSTICK! GAHHH! Love love love it!

  14. Fab look! That purple is stunning with the color of your eyes (:

    1. Thank you so much! I never wear purple but I’m so into it 😊😊💜💜

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