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Hi Darlings,

Today’s post is absolutely random, but I really wanted to do it, I saw many of these and I wanted to do one myself.

I love the idea of a Blog Party, to help bloggers meet and grow! I decided to do it today because these weekend is Christmas and I won’t have a post up on Monday so I tought this could run for a little longer.

I hope you are as excited as I am, please share this post so more people can come and meet bloggers and if you like it I might do it every few weeks.

And if you are like, Mimi, what the heck is a Blog Party, keep reading to find out!

Other than that I wish you a very very Merry Christmas filled with love and joy!


A Blog Party essencially is a post where you can meet other bloggers, leave your links, follow them and share your passions. I’ve met so many amazing people in the blogging community so I really hope you will too.


  • Follow my blog Blushy Darling (you can do it on WordPress or via email on the side bar).
  • Leave your links in the comment and tell us something about your blog.
  • Check other blogs and meet new friends!
  • Have Fun!



I hope you guys like this idea and you partecipate!

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Ciao Darlings,

Il post di oggi non ha niente a che vedere con il make up ma volevo davvero farlo, ne ho visti tantissimi in giro e volevo farne uno anche io.

Adoro l’idea di un Blog Party per aiutare le bloggers a incotrarsi tra loro! Ho scelto di pubblicarlo oggi perchè questo weekend sarà Natale e non pubblicherò niente Luned’ perciò ho pensato che questo post potesse durare un po’ di più.

Spero siate tanto emozionati quanto lo sono io, per favore condividetelo così che raggiunga più persone possibile e se vi piace potrei anche farli più spesso.

E se vi state chiedendo che cosa è un Blog Party, state per scoprirlo!

Colgo l’occasione per augurarvi un buon Natale pieno di gioia e affetto!


Un blog party sostanzialmente è un post dove le blogger si possono incontrare tra loro, condividere le proprie passioni e seguirsi a vicenda. Ho incontrato moltissime blogger fantastiche perciò mi auguro sia lo stesso anche per voi.



  • Seguite il mio blog Blushy Darling (potete farlo sia via WordPress che tramite email nella barra laterale).
  • Lasciate i vostri link nei commenti e descrivete il vostro blog.
  • Date un’occhiata agli altri blog e fate amicizia
  • Divertitevi!


Spero che quest’idea vi piaccia e che partecipiate!

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74 thoughts on “Blog Christmas Party!

  1. What a lovely idea to connect with a blogging community 🎄 Happy holidays

  2. This is amazing! I’m so happy you’ve done it, I didn’t know about this before. 🙂

    My blog is, I blog about my passion for makeup, tutorials, tips and reviews. I am currently doing Blogmas too!

  3. Heyyy there I’m Amelia and I blog over at Amelia in Hull!! My blog will be turning 1 in just a months time which is really exciting!! Thanks Mimi for hosting this blog party 😊

  4. wegowithkids says:

    We just watched Home Alone this week! Love this season and all the parties, including the virtual ones!

  5. Hi everyone!
    My names Hannah and I’ve recently started blogging about fashion and beauty. I’m very new to blogging so would love it if you’d check out my blog and give me some advice or tips.
    Thanks so much ❤

  6. Hi Bloggers! I’m Shreya and I’m a teen blogger who writes about traveling and exploring places. “All the places she goes” is my perspective on the world. I’d love to start a great adventure with you!

    1. Hey Shreya! Your blog sounds absolutely amazing!!! I’m checking it out right now!!!! xxx

      1. Thank you so much Lemon Zest! I’m grateful for your support. I really appreciate your following. Best wishes for your blog and hope you have an awesome day!

        XX, Shreya ❤️

  7. Hey everyone! I’m Rosie! (well that’s my name on my blog anyway!)
    I would like to consider myself a lifestyle blogger but I think I just really random! I post about anything from book reviews to feminism or makeup!
    Here is my blog!
    xxx Rosie

  8. Merry Christmas everyone! I love a blog party- thanks for hosting 😊.

    My name is Emma and I have blog called The Emma Edit. I like to blog about a wide range of topics such as lifestyle, beauty, fashion, recipes and blogging. So if that’s your sorta thing, I’d love to have you on board 😃. Thank you x

  9. Veronica M. says:

    Aww this was a great idea! Merry Christmas Mimi 😘❤
    Hello everyone! I blog at about beauty, lifestyle and other topics. I’d love for you to check out my blog and me to check out yours so we can be blogging frens ☺💕

  10. HI, I’m Cathi. Blog parties are fun! My blog is about figuring out where I belong in the world as a grow older. It’s part humor/part spirituality. It’s about believing we’re all still evolving and part of something bigger.

  11. HI, I’m Cathi. Blog parties are fun! My blog is about figuring out where I belong in the world as I grow older. It’s part humor/part spirituality. It’s about believing we’re all still evolving and part of something bigger. I forgot to include my link in the comment box above. Sorry! Here it is:

  12. A blog party is always lovely, and how nice that it’s a Christmas one!
    My name is Angela, and I blog over at
    I talk about my travels. thoughts, baking, ideas, makeup and just share bits and pieces of my life down in New Zealand! 🙂

  13. Hey 🙂
    I blog about beauty, style, lifestyle, interior, books reviews and more.
    I also have a Christmas giveaway happening at the moment, so if anyone UK based wants to come over and try their luck please do!
    Thank Mimi, and have a great Christmas!

  14. Hello! I’m very new to blogging but I like this concept! My blog is It is about life in general, especially trying to be an “adult” in this crazy world when no millennial actually knows what that means since it’s such a gray area.

  15. Hey! So I’m a medical student recently discovered writing, and it’s been the best thing ever!
    I write a blog called lemon zest, which is all about food, travel, photography and other random musings
    Please feel free to have a look

  16. Hey! Thank you for this!
    I recently discovered writing and it’s been amazing!
    I write a blog called lemon zest which is all about food, travel, and random other musings , I try to incorporate a lot of my photography in as well
    Please feel free to have a look

  17. I love this idea! what a great way to meet new bloggers!

  18. What a fab idea, love it! I’ve had to bookmark this as I’m about to go out but there’s so many great sounding blogs here that I want to check out 😂 for anyone who hasn’t read me, my blog is mostly me talking about shoes and dresses, complaining about the weather and gushing about my dog!

  19. Great idea! Happy Holidays everyone. My blog Aloha Lovely is a Hawaii-based lifestyle blog. I mostly share design, style and island adventure type content. Looking forward to discovering a few new blogs!

  20. What a good idea darling❤️👍 We need more of this. This is me at norwegian girl blogging about mental illness and my life in general.

  21. Hey guys. This is a great idea. I blog at :

    I cover various topics. Fashion, poetry, beauty, lifestyle. you know. But I cleared out my blog early this year, and started over, so I don’t have many posts up right now (Quantity over Quality). So check it out, leave your links on my blog and I’ll check out your blogs,


  22. I’m a little late but my blog is a fashion, adventure and beauty blog and I love reading new blogs so reply with your links! 🙂

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