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Hi Darlings,

I hope you had a very Merry Christmas, surely I did, today I’m back with another post and it’s a review of the Kat Von D Tattoo Liner I know this product is super famous and there are plenty of reviews out there but I also wanted to give you my own.

I want to take a different direction with this blog, infact I’ve noticed that my most loved posts are my #MakeupMondays and my Reviews and those are also the ones I enjoy the most writeing so I will post mainly those.

But, I’m mostly broke and I don’t get PR so I will start reviewing products that I already own that are part of my collection while trying with the help of my sisters to get as much new stuff as possible. I hope you won’t mind that what I review is not new and you will still love to read my opinion on these cult products.

Kat Von D Tattoo Liner.jpg

If you have been following my blog for awhile you know that this is one of my favourite eyeliner and that I use it all the time. I love the way winged liner looks on my eyes so I tent to do it a lot.

But with that it comes the fact that I know a lot about liners as I’ve been using it for many many years.

The Kat Von D Tattoo Liner is in a pen form but with a brush applicator which allows an easy application and precision. I have the shade Trooper which is the black one. But it also comes in brown.

When I buy a liner I look for these things:

  • Colour
  • Brush 
  • Lasting Power 
  • Ease of use
  • Value for money 



As you can see this eyeliner is really black and opaque although it’s not matt.

(This comes down to personal preference, I prefer matt liners but I also love pen ones and rarely those are matt so if I have to choose I go with the pen one.)


This eyeliner has a brush applicator, it’s quite different and unique as it looks like a felt tip but it’s actually made of thousand of tiny brushes really densely packed which makes the brush softer than a felt tip as it bends with a bit of pressure making painting the line really easy, like a normal brush.

I find that easy to use, but I still prefer a felt tip applicator, since the fact that it bends so easily sometimes makes it imprecise.

The bristles are super packed so you don’t notice that is not a felt tip until you look closer.



As I said, I find pen liners really easy to use and this one is no ecception, even if you are a beginner.


How long does it WEAR? On me this eyeliner lasts all day with or without a primer (I have super oily eyelids) but when I use it on bare lids I have to go over the line a few times to make it mote intense.

How long does it take to DRY OUT? This is something that people don’t realise how important it is, you can buy the best eyeliner on the market but if it dries out in a month is not worth it. I got this one in April and it still works like the first day.


Since I got it almost 8 months ago and it’s still going strong I think that’s fair to say that it’s totally worth it for me.

You can buy it on katvondbeauty.com and it retails for 20$



People often compare the Kat Von D Tattoo Liner with the Stila Stay All Day Liquid Liner, they have the same price but the Stila one has a felt tip applicator, other than that I think the are very similar but I think I prefer the Stila one.


Here you can see how it looks on my eyes.

Lazy Day (No Foundation) #MakeupMonday

Ice Queen #MakeupMonday


  • Colour: 10/10
  • Longevity: 10/10
  • Application: 8/10
  • Brush: 9/10
  • Pigmentation: 10/10


I really like this eyeliner, it’s one of my everyday staple, althought I can’t stop thinking about the Stila one, this is really good. It’s easy to use, very black and long lasting definitely something I would recommend even to a beginner. It’s easy to remove but it lasts all day.

Kat Von D Tattoo Liner. (1) jpg.jpg


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42 thoughts on “Kat Von D Tattoo Liner | Review

  1. I love Kat Von D! This eyeliner sounds brilliant, I shall have to keep an eye out when my current liner runs out xxx

  2. I love this Kat Von D Tatoo eyeliner too! It’s what I use on my eyes every day!

  3. Thanks for the detailed review. I am lost when it comes to knowing what to look for in a liner so this is extremely helpful!

  4. I so want this one so thank you for sharing the link 😁

  5. Shannon | Shannie Chic says:

    Great review. Very detailed and great information. Thank you!

  6. Thanks for the great review! I need to get better at applying eyeliner and then I need to pick this one up 🙂

    1. This one will help you learn, try and do it before taking off make up, worst case scenario you just have to remove it and go to bed 😉😉♥️

  7. You definitely peaked my interest. I only wish I could put on liner as smooth as you, I always had issues lol.

    1. It took me years to do it right… I started wearing liner when I was 15 😉😉

  8. I love this eyeliner so much! Mine expired in August and I’ve been trying to find a dupe every since. I didn’t want to spend $20 on an eyeliner, but I’ve spent well over $20 trying to find a dupe 😩 long story short after reading your review I’ve added it to checkout 😂

    1. Ahhahaha yay! Good job 😉 I remember when I run out of the stila one I did the same: I tried the essence one, the Sephora one, L’oreal they dried out almost immediately and then I got this, still working after 8 months. I’ve realised that spending 20€ only once a year is perfect! 💕

  9. I’ve wanted to try this for so long, I love the fact it last a long time as well, rather than it just lasting for a couple weeks, because I wear winged eyeliner everyday so need an eyeliner that last all day and for a long time! X

    1. Exactly! That’s one of the best features, You won’t have to buy a new one all the time.

  10. AmberLynn says:

    I am OBSESSED with winged eyeliner. Whether I do a grand wing or a baby wing, there will 95% be a winged look whenever I do my own makeup. I have never tried KVD’s liner, but I definitely will make that a product to try. I use her lipstick and just love her.

    1. Never tried her lipsticks, but my bff swears by them. I’ll add them to my shopping list 😉😉💕

  11. Heard alot about this liner but never use it. I don’t know that this is not matte as I like matte ones. Thanks for the review.

    1. I prefer mattes too. This one is not super matt, but it’s not shiny either, you can see from the photos how shiny it is 😀

  12. Oooo this is one I haven’t tried yet but would love to! I have been using Stila for years but I’m always down for trying out another brand.

    1. The Stila one is my personal favourite, but it’s a bit hard to get it here. They have a different brush but other than that if you like the Stila one you will love this too. 😀

  13. This line has great pigment! Nice results in your pics!

  14. This eyeliner is my holy grail! I used to use the Stila eyeliner, but after trying this one I never went back.

    1. That’s interesting! I prefer the stila one… This one is good as well, obviously but I think the stila one is better 😉😉😘

  15. Great review, one of my favourites to use as it makes it easier to apply ❤️ x

  16. wineandcouture says:

    I am always looking for a good eyeliner!! Thanks for sharing your review.

  17. Thanks for sharing how long it takes to dry out! It’s a big let down to open up a product and discover you can no longer use it.

  18. That liner is so pretty on you! I love how you make it look natural. Will try it out for sure!

  19. This looks like a fantastic eyeliner! I’ll have to check it out. And I think it’s great that you’re going to start reviewing items you already own. That way you really know the product and can tell us every little detail 🙂

    1. Definitely haven’t thought about it that way, I guess you are right 😊 thank you for your comment

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