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Hi Darlings,

Welcome back, I’m so so EXCITED because FINALLY this blog is SELF HOSTED! It was a journey but I hope you’ll like the new design and you will love the new site as much as I do!

So as you might notice the person in the photo is not me (if this is the first time you see one of my post, well welcome, that’s not me) it’s my SISTER QUEEN! Moving to self hosted caused me a lot of stress so my acne flamed up, plus I have a bug bite near my eye so NO WAY I would put make up on my skin, once I’ll heal you’ll see me again. Promise!

Even if my sister is gourgeous. Thank you sis for the help, love you!

But another reason I wanted my sister is because today’s #MakeupMonday is a recreation of Emma Roberts at the MET Gala look aka my favourite look of 2017 and I think they look quite similar so this make up will suit her more than me anyway. The wonderful Charlotte Tilbury created the look using her make up line but since I don’t have it, I’ll use what I have, hopefully they’ll look similar.

Emma Robers MET Gala (3).jpg

Emma Robers MET Gala (5)

Emma Robers MET Gala (11)


Emma Robers MET Gala (4)

Emma Robers MET Gala (12)



  • Eyeshadows: Urban Decay Naked Heat, I used Ounce all over the lid, Chaser as transition shade in the crease, lastly, I used Cayenne in the crease going outwarse to make the winged out shape and on the lower lashline. Then from the Smashbox Full Exposure Palette I used the second shade all over the lid, I applied it with my finger to make it super intense. In the inner corner I used the same highlighter I put on her face.


Emma Robers MET Gala (2).jpg

Emma Robers MET Gala (10)


To set it all in place I used the Essence Instant Matt Setting Spray.

Emma Robers MET Gala (1).jpg


Queen’s Birthday Look #MakeupMonday

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30 thoughts on “Emma Roberts MET Gala #MakeupMonday

  1. Wow your sister is gorgeous! And the makeup is beautiful! I really like the very shimmery gold eye shadow and the nude colored lips!

    1. Thank you! She will appreciate it 😊♥️

  2. Beautiful! Love, love, love, the blog! It looks amazing. Going self-hosted is so hard, huge congratulations!

    1. Love you!!!! It was a JOURNEY! But totally worth it 😊😘 thank you for the support it means a lot

      1. Of course babe 😘❤️

  3. I love this look! So subtle and beautiful. And your sister is gorgeous!! Also, congrats on going self-hosted. I know when I made that transition, it was scary and stressful – but so worth it!

    1. It stresses the hell out me ahahah but I’m so happy! Thank you so much ♥️♥️♥️

  4. Congrats on going self-hosted 😉 Great job on your sisters makeup – she has an amazing smile!

    1. Thank you darling! 😀 I love her smile too <3

  5. I LOVE this look on you! PS. It looks even better on you than it does on her! <3

    1. Thank you sweetie 😊♥️

  6. Congratulations on self-hosting your blog! That’s a big accomplishment! What better way to celebrate than to glam up 🙂 I think your nude lip goes perfectly with the glam eye!

    1. Thank you ♥️

  7. You look flawless! love that eye shadow! xo

    1. Thank you! That’s actually my sister, but I do agree, she is flawless

    2. Thank you 😊♥️

  8. Beautiful! I really like this look, you did a great job on your sisters makeup. She looks stunning. I’m really liking that lip color.

    1. Thank you! It’s one of my favourite lipsticks ♥️💋

  9. Both of y’all are gorgeous! Love this look.

    1. Thank you! 💕

  10. This is probably my favorite look you’ve ever done! So pretty. I really want to try this myself.

    1. Thank you sweetheart! I’m so obsessed with this look! 😀

  11. This is such a pretty makeup look! I love a matte nude lip! I might try recreating this soon.

    1. That lipstick is so pretty!!

    2. Thank you so much sweetheart!

  12. Really like this look. No bright colors. Everything brings out perfect skin tones and hight light the eyes.

    1. Thank you 😊♥️

  13. Ruthie Ridley says:

    Your makeup came out amazing! I love the natural look so much!!

    1. Thank you! 💕

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