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Hi Darlings,

In today’s post I’m reviewing, as you can see from the title the L’Oréal Pure Clay Detox Mask. It came out about 2 years ago along with a green one and a red one.

They are all clay based with different properties and they were made for multimasking (which means using different masks with different functions in different parts of the face, based on skin’s necessities).

I’ve used and love the red clay one and the blue one, you can see the review here: L’Oréal Pure Clay Blemish Resque Mask | Review so of course I’m super thrilled to expand my collection adding this one, I feel like this masks are made for my skin.

You can get it here for about 10$.

L'Oréal Pure Clay Detox Mask Review (5)

L'Oréal Pure Clay Detox Mask Review (4)

On the l’Oréal website they say:

“Our charcoal mask provides deep pore cleansing–dirt, dust and pollution are removed from skin. Skin’s complexion looks fresher and more even.”

As I said this is the grey one, that of course contain charcoal and to be honest I don’t really like the scent since it’s very strong.

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It is a thin mask, it’s quite cooling when you put it on but then it starts drying and it’s one of those masks that BLOCKS your face.

Once it dries it becomes lighter but you can see it staying wet where you have pores, it’s actually very cool to see. (if you are familiar with the Glamglow SUPER-MUD Treatment you know what I’m talking about).


On the packaging it says you should keep it on for 10 minuts, but I find that ten minutes are not enough to make it dry so I keep it on for a little longer, until I can’t move my face.

My skin is not particularly sensitive, but if yours is, you should wash it off sooner.

I usually use a wet cloth to take it off, afterwards I see:

  • My skin is way brighter.
  • Pores are visibly smaller.
  • My face is drier.

I have combination/oily skin and after this mask I NEED moisture, so I won’t recommend it if you already have dry skin.

The packaging is the only down side for me, I don’t think the pot is really hygienic so I like to apply it with a brush. The jar is made in glass, not really travel friendly but very luxurious.



Compared to the Blemish Resque one I find that this one it’s more drying, but more effective, at least on my skin, where’s the blue one has a nicer scent and it’s perfect for more sensitive skin.


Another dupe that I’ve already mentioned is the GlamGlow Super Mud Mask, this is way more expensive but I find that the two are very comparable, so if you as broke as I am, go with the L’Oréal.


  • Application: 10/10
  • Packaging: 8/10
  • Effect: 9/10
  • Formula: 10/10
  • Scent: 8/10


I absolutely adore this mask! On my skin I can see that it works which is quite rare for me, the price point is awesome and actually the fact that I have to use a brush to apply it helps with SPA feeling on a SPA night so it’s not really a down side. It’s a bit drying so make sure you moisturize really well afterwards and the scent is not the best, but I totally recommend it if you are looking for a new purifying mask.

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L’Oréal Pure Clay Blemish Resque Mask | Review

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18 thoughts on “L’Oréal Pure Clay Detox Mask | Review

  1. this sounds pretty great! I use a charcoal mask from boscia & this one sounds really similar 🙌🏻

    1. I’m so interested in boscia but I can’t get it! Everything for oily skin sounds sooo good! 😍

  2. This sounds so lovely! I’m using one a lot like this from Origins, I’ll have to give this a go when I run out

    1. I love the Origins Drink Up I use it after this 😁😁

  3. I haven’t tried this but I will have to check it out! Definitely not paying for Glamglow lol

    1. I actually prefer this to the glamglow 😉😉

      1. Nice!! Definitely need to check it out now 😍

        1. Let me know what you think 😉😘

  4. Whoa, that looks super thick! I bet it works wonders haha

  5. I love charcoal masks! I haven’t used this one but I’ve used the GlamGlow one and I love how it feels in my skin

    1. This is very similar! I like Glamglow but it’s far too expensive for me 😂

  6. Loved your review, I tried this a few times when it first come out and like you said was no good for my dry skin! x

    1. It definitely dried the hell out of my oily skin so I can imagine what it can do to yours 😂😘

  7. I have this mask too and I am obsessed with it! I think it is fab. Although, I do have dry skin and it’s never caused a problem! So weird! xx

    1. Ah that’s interesting! Maybe it’s just an amazing product Ahhah 😍😘

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