Full Face Using ONLY MY MUM’S Make Up #MakeupMonday

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Hi Darlings,

I’m having far too much fun with this! I saw this challenge on youtube and the videos I’ve seen were HILARIOUS!

So today’s #MakeupMonday as the title suggest it’s going to be a Full Face Using ONLY MY MUM’S Make Up and also brushes (ok, brush… My mum uses ONE BRUSH!).


To be fair most of the products she uses I got them for her but she’s like two shades DARKER than me and has DRY SKIN sooo after about 30 minutes, I’m a greasy mess.

That being said, I’ve always seen my mum wearing the same make up look, which I’m recreating, she is very minimal and neutral and my HIGH MANTAINCE ASS is not happy to not see brow products or a HIGHLIGHTER!


I hope you will enjoy this post and if you do this tag to PLEASE, TAG ME, I want to see it!

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Full Face Using Only My Mum's Makeup (1)


Foundation: Maybelline Super Stay 24h in two shades darker than me, sorry I meant Nude Beige… If you saw my review you would know I don’t like this foundation because it’s super cakey on me… Now imagine how CAKEY it can be if applied with my hands!


Concealer: Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer, I can’t read the shade number, this is nice but far too dark for me.

Blush: Essence Matt Touch Blush in Peach Me Up, I gave it to her, it’s a pretty blush shade and guess what: I used the only brush to apply it!

No eyebrows… 


Full Face Using Only My Mum's Makeup (3).jpg

Eyeshadow: No primer so it was creasing in 30 minutes, I tried to use the concealer as primer but it doesn’t work for me.

Anyway, this is when it gets interesting, that construction is something I made, it’s a depoted Sephora eyeshadow in her old Essence blush packaging cause the sephora one broke. It’s just a bronze shadow, I put it all over the lid… With my fingers, tried to blend it… To be fair, it’s not terrible, it blended nicely.

Eyeliner: Essence Long Lasting Eye Pencil in Hot Chocolate, I have this liner too, I love it, I just smudged it with my pinkie finger around my eyes.

Mascara: Essence Volume and Stylist Mascara, it’s not my favourite mascara but I like it, the problem here is that without lash curler my lashes look like crap!

Lipstick: Wycon Long Lasting Liquid Lipstick in 27, love this, not my favourite shade but this is one of my favourite formulas.


Full Face Using Only My Mum's Makeup (2)

TA-DA! Here’s the masterpiece! I’m orange, greasy and I have no highlighter or brows… Just so you know, I’m trying to pose, but I couldn’t stop laughing… It’s terrible!

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40 thoughts on “Full Face Using ONLY MY MUM’S Make Up #MakeupMonday

  1. You did well with what you had! I keep wanting to do this challenge but my mum owns about 4 items of makeup apart from what I’ve donated to her and I’m pretty sure she has no brushes I just can’t do it 😓

    1. Tbh my mum has two make up bags one is this and the other one is filled with all I gave her that she never uses XD You can do it! I’d be fun I promise 😀 xx

    1. Thanks darling, but I promise, lights and FAR AWAY photos do magic XD

  2. Haha! This made me laugh! I have two sons, so no daughter to help me with makeup. You would die if you saw my makeup bag!! I don’t even know what brow highlighter is. 😂

    1. Ahahahah thanks for stopping by xx

  3. What a fun challenge! I actually love how fresh and light the makeup look turned out!

    1. I promise girl, it’s not that fresh closed up ahah

  4. What a great idea to dip into my mums drawers. I have to do this as well.

    1. Can’t wait to see it! Please tag me in it, serioudly so fun to read

  5. This is such a fun challenge idea. I could never do it though because the only makeup my mom wears is lipstick… I wouldn’t get very far at all with just one product!

    1. Ahahahahha I bet it’s a good lipstick though!

  6. Veronica M. says:

    I think you honestly look far better than you realize, considering you were using products not matching your skin tone and all. You did a great job 💕

    1. Thanks darling, I promise, lights can do ANYTHING AHAHAH <3

  7. LOL I love this so much!! it is not terrible hahaha you’re beautiful, but it’s really cool to see how products work for different people. your brows do look pretty damn good considering no brow makeup!

    1. Thanks but they are a bit too different for my tastes that’s why I like to use brow stuff, sometimes I don’t wear make up but I have my brows on ahaha

  8. Great post idea 🙂 I think you look great with the tools you had 🙂

  9. What a neat idea! You created a very pretty look (:

  10. Loved this post it was so fun to read!! You did so well with the products you had 😀 xx

  11. This is too funny! Could never wear my mom’s makeup, takes her about 1 hour to get ready, mine about 3 minutes.

  12. Oh my…my mom and I do not even remotely have the same taste in anything…especially make-up. This is great!

    1. Hahahahaha thank you for reading xx

  13. Julie Hood says:

    HAHA what a super creative idea!!!!! If my daughter were doing this (but she’s not even one, so definitely wouldn’t be, lucky for her….) she’d be like, “ummm why do you only have 2 eye shadow options” hahaha

    1. Ahahhaha you have time to built your collection then 😂😘

  14. I love the idea of this! And fair play to you, looks good compared to what you had to work with! Why do mums have the worst makeup bags 😂 x

    1. That’s a good point! 😂😂😂 I’m like: Are you even my mum??

  15. Wow that’s a hilarious challenge. It was really fun to read! I should probably update my makeup bag.. I’m imagining my daughter doing this challenge when she’s a little older… 😆😆😆

  16. Hahaha funny idea! I can’t believe how clumpy the mascara is!

    1. It’s probably 2 years old ahah XD

  17. I don’t think my mum owns any makeup at all. This is a great idea for a post and you done really well with what you have

    1. Ahhahah thank you for reading! 💖

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