Kylie Jenner Editorial Grafic Look #MakeupMonday

Kylie Jenner Inspired Editorial Grafic Look 14

Ciao Darlings,

Il look di oggi è stato inspirato da Kylie Jenner nella pubblicità della sua nuova collezione di make up, il look consiste in uno smokey eye grafico e un rossetto verde. Quando ho visto la foto me ne sono innamorata.

E’ veramente fuori dagli schemi e drammatico, specialmente per i miei standard, normalmente non indosserei niente del genere ma mi sono divertita molto a giocare con i colori e le forme.

Dopo il mio Halloween | Slytherin Snake #MakeupMonday stavo morendo dala voglia di usare di nuovo un rossetto verde perciò nonostante quello di Kylie sia più nero/verde del mio, il risultato finale mi piace molto.

Kylie Jenner Inspired Editorial Grafic Look (9).jpg

Kylie Jenner Inspired Editorial Grafic Look (4)


Kylie Jenner Inspired Editorial Grafic Look (7)

Kylie Jenner Inspired Editorial Grafic Look (5)


Kylie Jenner Inspired Editorial Grafic Look (13)

Kylie Jenner Inspired Editorial Grafic Look (11)

Kylie Jenner Inspired Editorial Grafic Look (12)



Per fissare il tutto ho usato Essence Instant Matt Setting Spray.

Kylie Jenner Inspired Editorial Grafic Look (3)



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44 thoughts on “Kylie Jenner Editorial Grafic Look #MakeupMonday

  1. You did a great job re-creating this edgy makeup look! I would never be able to pull this off, but I’m glad someone else can.

    1. Thank you! It’s fun sometimes to play 😊💖

  2. that green lip is amazing! I love when you re-create looks & this one is really fun 🙂

    1. Awww thanks sweetheart! 💚 I’m obsessed with green lipstick 😊

  3. You did a great job recreating this look. I’m not one to wear green when it comes to cosmetics, but you really rock that lip color!

    1. I’d not wear it daily but it’s fun from time to time 😀 thank you girl 😀

  4. Makeup by Erin says:

    I love the lip color, so fun and cool! Great job lovely! 😊

  5. I love what you did with this tutorial! Beautiful job!

  6. This is crazy cool! Awesome job with those shapes too (:

  7. This is a fun look. I love the dramatic eyes!

  8. Hey Mimi,
    I have really been enjoying your blog and would love for you to come and join my Facebook Group ‘The Bloomin Brilliant bloggers’ it is a group for all bloggers to come together and share support and ideas. If you fancy joining I will leave the link below 🙂

    Hope to see you over there soon,
    Phoebe x

    1. Hi! Thank you darling, I’ll check it out, I love Facebook groups 😊💖

      1. Yay! I would love to see you over there, if you have any friends that you think would enjoy the group aswell please feel free to add them!
        Phoebe x

  9. This look is amazing! I’ve been meaning to try more of the NYX products for a while now, what’s the Angel Veil primer like? Love your Makeup Mondays by the way! xx

  10. haha GIRL! I don’t think I’ve seen you in makeup like this before! That eye look turned out so well! That lipstick is so fun too. If you were to wear this out, where would you go? 😛

    1. Thanks, I don’t think I’d wear it out but maybe clubbing… I don’t really go to clubs hahah

      1. Haha me too 😅 Just us girls looking badass at home

        1. Ahahha I was a rockstar with green lips and pjs!

  11. This is something I could never pull off but you look amazing!!! I am jealous

    1. Ahah thank you so much babe! 💖 no need to be jealous

  12. I love the shape of the eye, so dramatic and fierce. Great Job!

    1. Thank you! You are so sweet 😘😘

    1. Awww You are adorable! Thank you so much darling xxx

  13. So beautiful! I just love the shape of the eye. You did such a good job on it!

  14. This is such a fun edgy look! LOVE it!

  15. Wow! I like those eyes! It’s interesting to make such a make-up. For a themed photo shoot, this will definitely work.

    1. It was definitely fun to do! 😆

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