Oscars Best And Worst Looks

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Hi Darlings,

The Oscars just happened and they are the only event even I can see from Italy, they are on really late at night but at least I can watch them which is so exciting!

For today’s post as always I gathered my Sisters and we are going to comment the Best & Worst Looks of the night.

I really want to know who was your favourite and least favourite so leave me a comment down below!

Meryl Streep


Honorable mention goes to Queen Meryl Streep, we are not going to judge her cause she’s a goddess and us human can’t talk about her, I just wanted to put her here to show you her perfection and for her to bless Blushy Darling with her grace!

Ok… Moving on…


Eiza González



  • Mimi: “I absolutely adore this look! I can’t pin point what I love but everything is just stunning”
  • Julia: “I really like the overall look, the dress is really pretty, it looks like a bathing suit on the top part but it’s pretty, she’s my favourite”
  • Queen: “Pretty, simple, looks a bit like a bathing suit, I like the make up”
  • Claire: “The dress looks like a bathing suit but I overall like the look”


Emily Blunt


Emily-Blunt (1)

  • Mimi: “I wish the dress didn’t have the shoulders part because other than that, I’m in love with this whole look, she’s stunning!”
  • Julia: “I don’t like the shoulders part, but I like everything else”
  • Queen: “I like the colour of the dress and the make up, I don’t like the shoulders part”
  • Claire: “I love the make up so much! The dress is a pass”


Emma Stone


Emma-Stone (1)

  • Mimi: “Pass! I like the make up but I’m not into pants for this kind of events and even if I was, it kind of looks like PJ’s”
  • Julia: “She’s pretty but the look is a strong pass”
  • Queen: “PASS”
  • Claire: “I don’t like it”


Gal Gadot


Gal-Gadot (1)

  • Mimi: “Pretty”
  • Julia: “I like the make up, the dress is pretty too I like the sparkles but not the bottom part”
  • Queen: “Pretty, I don’t like her dress but the make up is stunning”
  • Claire: “Beautiful, don’t really like the outfit but she’s stunning!”


Jennifer Garner


Jennifer-Garner 1

  • Mimi: “Beautiful. I love the way this dress looks on her, she looks like a goddess and I like the make up too”
  • Julia: “Beautiful, love the colour of the dress”
  • Queen: “STUNNING, definitely my favourite”
  • Claire: “Beautiful, I really, really like it”


Jennifer Lawrence


Jennifer-Lawrence 1

  • Mimi: “My favourite, I love everything”
  • Julia: “TOP, beautiful!”
  • Queen: “Stunning, not really into the dress”
  • Claire: “Beautiful, I love it”


Lupita Nyongo


Lupita-Nyongo 2

  • Mimi: “She was really pretty but I don’t like the look, there’s something that totally turns me off, but I don’t know what it is”
  • Julia: “Beautiful, she looks like a statue, but it’s beautiful”
  • Queen: “I like the dress, not a fan of her hair”
  • Claire: “I don’t like the make up but I like the dress and the hair, I like the gold against her dark skin”


Margot Robbie


Margot-Robbie 1

  • Mimi: “I like the look overall, but the sleeves of the dress look like those thing you put on the Christmas tree!”
  • Julia: “Pretty, I like the whole look”
  • Queen: “Pretty”
  • Claire: “Beautiful, I like the look overall, I would have avoided the Christmas garland effect”


Nicole Kidman


Nicole-Kidman 1

  • Mimi: “I like the colour of the dress and that’s about it, I don’t like the look”
  • Julia: “She’s so iconic, I like the make up but not fan of the dress or the shoes”
  • Queen: “I like the make up, blue dress with black shoes is a strong pass”
  • Claire: “I like the dress, but I’m not a fan of the hair parted in the middle but overall I like the look”


Salma Hayek


Salma-Hayek 1

  • Mimi: “PASS, I’m sorry but the dress looks really cheap”
  • Julia: “I like the dress, but she looks a bit too dark on the face and I don’t like the hair either”
  • Queen: “Dress no, lipstick yes, make up ni”
  • Claire: “I don’t like it”


Sandra Bullock


90th Annual Academy Awards - Arrivals

  • Mimi: “Stunning, love her”
  • Julia: “Love her, I like the look, not so much the bottom part of the dress but I like everything else”
  • Queen: “Love her”
  • Claire: “So beautiful, love her”


Saoirse Ronan


Saoirse-Ronan (1)

  • Mimi: “The look is a bit sad for me, I like the make up, the hair and the colour of the dress but I think she looks like a depressed bridesmaid”
  • Julia: “Don’t like dress, but she looks sad, I like hair and make up”
  • Queen: “Pass, I wish she did something more, it’s a bit anonimous”
  • Claire: “Pass”


Taraji P Henson


Taraji-P-Henson 1

  • Mimi: “Love the whole look”
  • Julia: “Cool dress!”
  • Queen: “Beautiful dress, not a fan of the make up”
  • Claire: “She’s a beautiful woman but she’s a bit naked for my tastes”




Zendaya 1

  • Mimi: “I love her look, I only wish she added a pop of colour”
  • Julia: “Beautiful, I like the dress”
  • Queen: “Yes, yes, yes!”
  • Claire: “STUNNING! Yes, she’s my favourite!”


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42 thoughts on “Oscars Best And Worst Looks

  1. I love all of your takes on these styles!

  2. Some were beautiful and others ugh. Wear pants just looked to casual and sloppy

  3. Love that you and your sisters reviewed all the looks from the Oscars!! I agree that there were some great looks in there but also some not so good ones!! Xx

    1. Thank you 😊 who was your favourite? Xx

      1. I would have say Zendaya and Jennifer Lawrence they both looked amazing 😀 xx

  4. I love that yellow gown! Taraji and Zendaya rocked it (:

  5. Loved this post! I agreed on a lot of the comments made as well. In love with Jennifer’s hair and Zendaya’s makeup was on point.

    1. Jennifer’s hair were sooooo good!

  6. Gosh, I HATE Salma Hayek’s dress. Worst one in my opinion. It does look cheap and it’s simply ugly

    1. It looks so cheap. the gems and the material look terrible!

  7. Love the style of this post!
    I agree about Emma Stone – would it have killed her to wear a dress?
    I really like that blue colour on Jennifer Garner – so vibrant and rich. Both her outfits were winners.
    Nicole Kidman looks so STIFF… just relax, lady!
    Zendaya looks perfect!

    1. I’m glad you liked it! Your comment about Nicole Kidman cracked me up hahaha 😂😂😂

    1. Jennifer’s dress was so chic and Zendaya was just 😍😍😍

  8. I am so here for Lupita, Taraji and Zendaya 💃🏾💃🏾💃🏾

    1. I can’t with her dress 😫😫

  9. What I love about all these women is that they wore what they wanted to wear. Hopefully, they felt good in it and loved their look. Happy International Women’s Day!

    1. That’s so true! Happy international women’s day!

  10. Love the last dress the best … so stylish… others I liked bit and pieces of… sometimes the colour, sometimes the top or bottom. But you can’t get it all right Hey?

  11. Emily Anne says:

    Jennifer Garner looked absolutely stunning!!! Her dress was my favorite by far! But I didn’t really like anyone else’s…they all looked a bit odd.

    1. Jennifer Garner was stunning ♥️

  12. thisisfortyme says:

    I love Eiza’s yellow dress! I agree it looks like a bathing suit, but I love the color!

    1. The colour is soooo pretty! ❤️

  13. Such stunning (and some not so stunning) looks!

  14. I really love the simple dresses this year!

  15. I love these posts! JLaw was my fave, and Gal Gadot looked so beautiful as always

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