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Emma Roberts MET Gala #MakeupMonday

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Emma Roberts.jpg

Hi Darlings,

Welcome back, I’m so so EXCITED because FINALLY this blog is SELF HOSTED! It was a journey but I hope you’ll like the new design and you will love the new site as much as I do!

So as you might notice the person in the photo is not me (if this is the first time you see one of my post, well welcome, that’s not me) it’s my SISTER QUEEN! Moving to self hosted caused me a lot of stress so my acne flamed up, plus I have a bug bite near my eye so NO WAY I would put make up on my skin, once I’ll heal you’ll see me again. Promise!

Even if my sister is gourgeous. Thank you sis for the help, love you!

But another reason I wanted my sister is because today’s #MakeupMonday is a recreation of Emma Roberts at the MET Gala look aka my favourite look of 2017 and I think they look quite similar so this make up will suit her more than me anyway. The wonderful Charlotte Tilbury created the look using her make up line but since I don’t have it, I’ll use what I have, hopefully they’ll look similar.

Emma Robers MET Gala (3).jpg

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NYE Grafic Liner Look


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Hi Darlings,

I know today is not Monday but since I didn’t post a #MakeupMonday this week because it was Christmas I thought I could post one today.

I really wanted to do a New Years Eve Makeup Tutorial that was actually wearable, I’ve seen some pretty spectacular looks on the internet but more likely than not I probably won’t be able to do those, or more simply, I won’t have the time.

So this look is still going to be sexy, glam and bold, nothing too hard to recreate though. I think by now you have realised that’s my style, but I love the way a grafic liner looks and it was a huge trend during this past year, so what better way to welcome 2018 than the best of 2017?


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Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show Drugstore #MakeupMonday

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Hi Darlings,

A few weeks ago the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show aired on TV and like almost everybody I was dying over how beautiful the Angels looked.

Their looks are always super glowy, fresh and overall gorgeous so I thought for today’s post I could get some inspo from them and create an ALL DRUGSTORE #MakeupMonday cause I haven’t done one in awhile.

This look is not particularly festive but I thought that since it enhance your natural beauty you can totally rock it at a Christmas event and feel glowy and pretty even without the classic red lips!

I definitely got inspiration from all the angels but mostly from my favourite: Sara Sampaio, who is your favourite angel?

Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, Backstage, Grand Palais, Paris, France - 30 Nov 2016
I mean, how gorgeous is she?


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Glittery Glam #MakeupMonday

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Hi Darlings,

Today’s #MakeupMonday is inspired by a look I saw on Instagram a while back and I totally fell in love with it, can’t remember who did it, but I love the contrast of the full matteyes with the glittery liner.

You can literally pair whatever lips you want with it: I chose a dark matt nude that was really long lasting, actually the WHOLE LOOK LASTED for about 12 hours. So impressed!

It was really quick to do yet a got quite a few compliments on it, I think if you are getting ready in a rush, you can create this look and be out the door and party ready in no time at all!


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Everyday Holiday Look #MakeupMonday

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Hi Darlings,

It’s about to get festive here so bust out your red lipstick and lets… Ok that sounded like an advertise… In all seriousness… Well, it’s make up so it’s not really serious… Anyway, today’s #MakeupMonday is my Everyday Look for this Holiday season.

I absolutely love to wear red lipstick everyday around Christmas and paring it with golden eyes is my top favourite thing to do.

This look is absolutely wearable because the eyes are super light and the focus is on the lips: I’m using my favourite Ruby Woo from MAC that being said, let me know what’s your favourite red lipstick because I really want to expand my collection


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Ice Queen #MakeupMonday

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Hi Darlings,

Today’s #MakeupMonday was actually voted from you on Instagram Stories and it’s going to be a silvery grey smokey look, something cool toned in this ocean of warm toned looks we see everyday.

Eversince I did my Slytherin Snake look for Halloween I kept thinking that I wanted to incorporate more grey in my make up because I love the way it looks on my complexion and the way it pares with my eyes.

I absolutely love the way grey combines with purpley shades so I decided to add a bit of color into this look, while still keeping it super wearable. I kind of wanted to do something different from my usual style and I love the final results.


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Lazy Day (No Foundation) #MakeupMonday

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Lazy Sunday Make Up Look really pretty and glowy

Hi Darlings,

The Holidays are approaching and today’s #MakeupMonday  is perfect for them. This look is super quick and easy, if you want to look put together in less than 10 minutes you won’t want to miss it.

I also use this make up a lot during the weekends or when I feel really lazy but I still want to feel pretty (to be honest on most days I go make up FREE): it’s really glowy and cute, kind of Disney princess inspired.

I know some people find liquid liner really hard and definitely not quick but that’s not the case for me. I’ve been doing winged liner for years so I find it really easy and my best way to feel put together, I almost always wear a wing if I’m wearing make up, but feel free to skip it if it’s not your forte.


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Blue Smokey Eyes #MakeupMonday

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Blue Smokey Eyes Kim Kardashian Inspired [Click to read more]

Hi Darlings,

For today’s #MakeupMonday I really wanted to incorporate some colour in a smokey look which I usually never do and I had not one, not four, but THREE different inspirations.

A few months ago I saw a photo scrolling on instagram, I’m pretty sure it was over the Summer but I can’t remember at all who was the author of the look or anything else apart from the look  (if you know who did it let me know so I can tag her) it had a really intense blue on the lid and a warm brown in the crease that I tought was so interesting.

Second inspiration was a look that Kim Kardashian did ages ago that I stumble upon the other day and lastly I had this gorgeous blue in the Urban Decay Palette I used that I was DYING to play with but never had: so I thought, what a better occasion to play with it than this?

Overall I’m really happy for how the look turned out and as always it’s super easy the key is to blend, blend, blend.

Blue Smokey Eyes Kim Kardashian Inspired [Click to read more]

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Frosted Cranberry #MakeupMonday

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Cool toned smokey eye with a pop of red using the Anastasia Modern Renaissance Palette [Click to read more]

Hi Darlings,

I have been planning this look in my head for so long and I’m so pleased for the way it turned out. I’m feeling myself in it and since I’ve been quite anxious lately feeling myself is a huge step.

Frosted Cranberry.jpg

For today’s #MakeupMonday I brought to you a cool toned look, for once, am I the only one who is getting tired of warm tones? But I decided to add a pop of red, that you can totally skip if you don’t like it, just to make it more interesting: it totally remindes me of a snow covered cranberry, am I right?

I used to do this look all the time when I was in high school using MAC Satin Taupe and Naked Lunch so if you have those you can totally replicate the OG of this make up.

Cool toned smokey eye with a pop of red using the Anastasia Modern Renaissance Palette [Click to read more]

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Halloween Last Minute | Dead Me

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How To Look Dead Zombie Make Up [Click To See How I Got This Look]

Hi Darlings,

We are at the end of Halloween month: to be honest I had a blast creating all the make up looks and of course #Halloweek but for today’s post I want to share with you the BEST LAST MINUTE costume idea.

Picture this: you were planning on spending the 31st at home watching scary movies and eating sweets, then suddenly your bff asks you to go to a party and you don’t have a costume (you were planning to stay in your PJ’s, afterall) so what better idea to turn yourself into the DEAD VERSION OF YOURSELF?!

A few years ago, that actually happened to me: after school some of my friends and I decided to go out for Halloween really spontanously: I was wearing the make up that I had on the whole day but legit with a few products I turned into a ZOMBIE ME: it was creepy, it was quick, it was easy and it was so much fun!

2013 Mimi can prove it! Gotta love that bathroom crappy light selfie XD

PS: a special thanks goes to my sista Julia who was her “dead self” last year as she said in our Fall TAG who totally reminded me about it.

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