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Hi Darlings,

Let me tell you a little story: it was 2010 and my BFF at the time went on holiday to America and I remember asking her to buy Nars’s Orgasm for me because, back then, Nars wasn’t available in Italy and I was so heartbroken because that blush was the HIT product everyone needed to have and I couldn’t get it. Sad times!

She ended up not buying it for me, but that meant me becoming obsessed with Nars even before seeing it in store… Eventually, in 2013 the brand finally hit Sephora in Italy and I couldn’t be happier!

Of course I wanted to buy as much as possible but with me being the broken b***h I am and always been, it was so hard to save money to be able to buy something and grow my mini collection.

So today I’m going to share with you the thing I have, have had in the past (bought and run out of) and things I want to buy in the future, because, in case you haven’t realised by now, Nars is my favourite brand.

You can buy Nars on Sephora and on Nars Website.

Hi Darlings, today I'm going to share with you the thing I have, have had in the past (bought and run out of) and things I want to buy in the future, because, in case you haven't realised by now, Nars is my favourite brand [click to read more].Hi Darlings, today I'm going to share with you the thing I have, have had in the past (bought and run out of) and things I want to buy in the future, because, in case you haven't realised by now, Nars is my favourite brand [click to read more].

Velvet Lip Glide


I have the shade Bound and I love it. It’s an everyday staple for Fall and Winter, it’s a nude mauve, it looks darker in the packaging than on the lips. The consistency it’s really nice, it’s quite moussy and comfortable to wear. Even if it’s not a liquid lipstick it’s very long lasting but it will go away if you eat or drink.

I like it because I think the shade it’s really pretty but I like that is comfortable to wear and lightweight, it doesn’t smudge. What I usually like to do is to put it on and then blot any excess with a tissue so it becomes more matt and long wearing, while remaining not drying.

1 (4)

1 (1)



Lip Gloss

3 (3)

I have two shades but unfortunatly the brighter one was a limited edition from a couple of years ago. It’s called Mezmer and it as part of the Christopher Kane line. The colour itself it’s stunning and quite unique. It’s one of the products that changes with your body’s PH and it becomes darker and brighter. I really love it when I am a bit tanner.

The permanent shade is Turkish Delight, and I’m not going to lie, I totally got it because of Kim Kardashian, she loved it back then. It doesn’t look particularly good on itsown on me as I have very pigmented lips, but I really like it on top of more nude lipsticks to give them a bit of shine.

3 (5)
Left: Mezmer/Right: Turkish Delight
3 (4)
Left: Mezmer/Right: Turkish Delight

I really like the applicator: it’s small and precise. They don’t have a scent and they stay on for quite a while but Mezmer also leaves a stain that’s why I prefer it.

Nars’s glosses are incredibly nice and I’d love to buy more shades, do you have any favourites?

Turkish Delight


Turkish Delight.jpg
Turkish Delight


Smudge Proof Eyeshadow Base

3 (6)

I have the oiliest eyelids and for God’s sake nothing stays on unless I wear an hardcore primer. Urban Decay’s Primer Potion works well for me now that I don’t have to wear make up for more than 7 hrs, but whenever I need my makeup on all day this primer it’s the only one I can count on. I had shadows on with this underneat for 20 hrs and they still looked great at the end of the day. If you have oily eyelids you NEED this primer, it’s seriously the best.


It only comes in clear, my wish is that Nars would make a tinted version!


4 (1)

I only have the shade Orgasm and this is actually a sample they gave me once. To be honest I don’t use this product that often. According to Nars’s website this:

  • Can be applied all over the face or used as a highlighter.
  • Can be worn under, over or mixed with foundation.

But I have oily skin so I don’t use it all over my face and as highlighter it’s too soft and peachy. I have to say, I like it mixed with my foundation whenever I want a more glowy look and my skin look particularly dull and dry. Mostly in Winter. I also love it as a body illuminator, on my shoulders and decolté.

I don’t use it very often but when I do I really enjoy it. It’s not really for my skin type though.

4 (5)

4 (6)
Too dark for me

Contour Blush

5 (8)

Mine looks well loved as you can see. I actually have two shades but one it’s in a bigger palette I’m going to show in a second.

This is the shade Olympia and although the bronzer it’s too warm (as you can see in the swatch photo) for me to contour with (I use it as an actual bronzer) I love the lighter shade (as you can clearly see!) to set my concealer. It’s a matt yellow powder that contrasts with the blue of my dark circles and it brightens the hell out of my undereyes. I don’t use it on a day to day base but I love it when I do an heavier look.

The other shade is Paloma, (I’m going to talk about it now because they are the same product even if Paloma is in another palette) I prefer this one because the contour works better with my neutral/cool toned complexion.

I use them both but I prefer the Paloma contour and the Olympia highlighter.

5 (5)
Left: Olympia/Right: Paloma
Here you can see Olympia on my face.

Steven Klein One Shocking Moment Palette



8 (2)

This palette was limited edition but some of the shades are permanent.

Palette like this give me the chance to try more products than just buying each one full size, because honestly I’ll never run out of any of these shades and if I do, I’ll be more than happy to buy a full size.

I really like this one, first of we have the Paloma contour blush I was talking about earlier and I’ve already reviewed. The bigger shade on the top row is the famous Laguna bronzer. I have had this bronzer full size and completely finished it up so I’m glad I have it in this palette. It’s a beautiful bronzer, not too warm, and perfect to give the skin some colour. It has a tiny bit of shimmer but it’s nothing too glittery that you can’t wear it on your face. I also use it ALL THE TIMES on my eye. This is a must for me.

On the bottom row we have four blushes, first twos are limited edition, the other twos are permanent. (That’s why I’m also showing you them on my face).

Shades are: Robotic (LE), Blasphemy (LE), Luster (P), Dolce Vita (P).

Nars’s blushes are one of the best on the market and I personally love them, they are not super pigmented where you have to be scared, but they are really builtable and easly blendable. My favourite from this palette are Blasphemy and Dolce Vita (Both Fall staples).

Left to Right: Paloma (highlight and contour), Laguna, Robotic, Blasphemy, Luster and Dolce Vita
Wearing Luster on my cheeks
Wearing Paloma and Dolce Vita

Virtual Domination Palette



7 (4)

Another cheek palette, this one it’s even older than the other one and again it was limited edition.

In here we have an highlighter, that I’ve never used because it is too dark and glittery for me, it’s called Miss Liberty and it’s a permanent shade.

Another permanent shade it’s the blush next to it, called Deep Throat, my favourite one, and the reason why I got the palette. Deep Throat is one of Nars’s best sellers, along with Orgasm, but it is a muted more oily skin/larger pores friendly version than that since it’s not as glittery.

The other two blushes are limited edition, they are called: Sex Fantasy and Final Cut. They are both really pretty and I wear them loads but since you can’t buy them anymore I’m not going to talk about them.

Last shade it’s *surprise, surprise* another Laguna bronzer, it’s their best seller what were you expecting? I already talked about it.

7 (1)
Left to Right: Miss Liberty, Deep Throat, Sex Fantasy, Final Cut and Laguna
Here I’m wearing Laguna and Deep Throat

All Nars’s powders lasts for 6-8 hrs on me.

Old Loves


I had both of these products in the past and I love them both but I can’t fisically show them to you as I don’t have them right now.

The best way I have to describe the All Day Luminous Weighless Foundation is “liquid lipstick for your face”. It startes really liquidy and runny and then it dries into a satin finish. It has amazing coverage but it looks so natural on the skin. I was so obsessed with it. I have other foundations in my collection now but I’ll definitely buy this again in the future once I run out of them. By the way I wear the shade Santa Fe.

The Radiant Creamy Concealer it’s most definitely my all time favourite concealer. It was such an hyped up product I had to try it myself. And I totally fell for it. The shade Vanilla it’s perfect for me. I like it because it has a lot of coverage, it doesn’t crease and it’s really long lasting. I love it on my face and expecially on my nose because it stays matt. Can’t wait to buy it again.

Future Purchases

Nars Liquid Lipstick.jpg


My favourite brand comes out with Liquid Lipsticks??? You know I have to have them. They are not available in Italy yet but AS SOON AS they are I’m definitely going to buy this two shades: Starwoman and American Woman.



This is not new but you can only buy it online in Italy, that’s why I haven’t got it yet. It’s the Eyeshadow Duo in Charade. They are such a me colours and I know I’d love them. Maybe one day I will get it.

Do you like Nars? What’s your favourite brand? Let me know in a comment down below. Other then that I really hope you guys enjoyed it, don’t forget to like, comment and share to let me know all your thoughts. Please subscribe to my social medias: I am on InstagramTwitter and Facebook.



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  1. You are GORGEOUS!!

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    Great post!! Xoxo

    1. I know! I have two dogs so that’s really sad 😭 it sounds like a step behind doesn’t it?

        1. Testing on animals! I feel like there are so many brands that are cruelty free or that are about to be cruelty free. The fact that Nars is starting to test on animals seams a step in the wrong direction!

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