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  1. I’d love to be able to go foundation free!! I’ll have to add a couple of these items to my wishlist!

  2. I LOVE Kat Von D liner. If I want to go foundation free, I typically grab a tinted moisturizer or at least a CC cream. My skin needs the help haha

    • I’ve been really lucky with my skin lately 😀 Usually I use tinted moisturizer too 😉 xx

  3. This is definitely a great every day kind of look!

  4. I’ve been going foundation free too! It feels good to give my skin some time to breathe!

  5. I love that shadow and primer, two of my faves!

  6. You look so pretty, and your skin is gorgeous!

  7. You’re so beautiful!! I love this long – and I totally agree with you: if I’m wearing makeup, winged liner is a must x

  8. I love the look, I’m also loving that lip color! I recently started using BareMinerals foundation because everything else breaks out my sensitive skin. I am still trying to use liquid liner but it’s mostly a disaster hah.

    • I’ll check out the bare minerals foundation since I want to move into more gentle products! Winged liner takes a lot of trial and error, I used to try it before taking off my make up and then I wiped everything off 😉😉😉

    • Thank you 🎀 I promise I usually need it, I’m probably just good with lights ahaha 😂

  9. I am foundation free too! You are a natural beauty!

  10. You have great skin and can really pull off the no foundation look! I love liquid eyeliners too! They are my must have!

  11. normally do not wear much makeup but do use eyeline and mascara…
    your look is perfect..

  12. So pretty! Love the eye make-up and lip color. Will definitely be checking these awesome colors out!

  13. Holy Moly! Your skin is perfect! I typically go makeup free on the weekends but am super self conscious of going foundation free in the work week, because I was never blessed with lovely skin like yourself! I also do a winged liner to easily jazz things up without much effort 🙂

    • Exactly that what winged liner does to me! It makes me feel way more put together than I actually am. I’m not that confident without foundation too, I have quite a bit of redness and acne scars: don’t let the photo trick you: good concealer and good lights 😊😘

  14. I love that ombre hair of yours. My go-to lazy day makeup includes filling in my brows, winged eyeliner, mascara and a cute lipstick/lipgloss. I’ve never worn foundation before, but I would love to try it just because it’s the thing to do. I’ll get around to it eventually, the only problem is my skin is sensitive.

    • If you don’t need it don’t put a layer that’s unnecessary! Thank you so much for your kind comment, our lazy make up is really similar. If you want to try a sensitive skin friendly foundation you can try Clinique or even Tarte if you can get it (I can’t xD) 😘😘

  15. I hardly ever wear foundation. But I’ll always do at least mascara and mostly eyeliner! It’s either too hot or too dry for foundation 🙁

    • Have you tried with a primer? Either a matt or an hydrating one depending on the weather? To be honest though I never wear foundation in the hotter months too 😂😂😂😘

  16. Your skin looks so flawless even without any foundation. I loved this look X

    • Thank you dear! I promise is not, going foundation free is a big deal for me 😘😘

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