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Hi Darlings,

In today’s post I’m reviewing, as you can see from the title the L’Oréal Pure Clay Blemish Resque Mask. About 2 years ago, L’Oréal came out with three clay masks: a red one, a black one and a green one.

They are all clay based with different properties and they were made for multimasking (which means using different masks with different functions in different parts of the face, based on skin’s necessities).

I’ve used and love the red clay one, (I have one in my empties, that are coming soon) but when I saw they had this new one that was made for pores and blemishes I knew it was made for my skin.


To be quite honest with you these masks are what I’ve been waiting for, a good mask that is also affordable, it retails for 8£ on amazon!

Get it here -> L’Oreal Paris Pure Clays Rescue Mask


On the l’Oréal website they say it has three Pure Clays combined with Marine Algae extract which is known for its anti-blemish properties.

The creamy texture targets deep into the pores, to unclog blackheads and clear imperfections, leaving the skin pure and fresh without drying it out.

This one has a fun blue colour that makes me feel like a Smurf and a really nice scent, very masculine: it smells like a sexy man, THAT’S the best way to describe it.


It is a thick mask, it’s really cooling and pleasent on the skin.

The best part about it is that it WORKS!


I find that:

  • Pores are definitely smaller
  • It dries active pimples
  • It doesn’t leave the skin thight or dry

I don’t really have blackheads so I don’t know if it works on them.


The packaging is the only down side for me, I don’t think the pot is really hygienic so I like to apply it with a brush. The jar is made in glass, not really travel friendly but very luxurious.

Such a nice product for SPA nights, my sister Queen and I both love this mask.

SPA Night Essentials

Tip: I use it in combination with a scrub, more specifically I used the Nip + Fab Glycolic Scrub Fix, it works wonders! The day after I use them my skin feels softer, smoother, brighter and cleaner. It literally leaves me AMAZED every time!


This mask really remindes me of the very EXPENSIVE Glamglow SUPER-MUD Treatment so if you like that one but it’s too out of budget for you I think the L’Oréal one will give you the same results for a fraction of the price. You can’t go wrong.



  • Application: 10/10
  • Packaging: 8/10
  • Effect: 9/10
  • Formula: 10/10
  • Scent: 10/10


I absolutely adore this mask! On my skin I can see that it works which is quite rare for me, the price point is awesome and actually the fact that I have to use a brush to apply it helps with SPA feeling on a SPA night so it’s not really a down side. I don’t know how it works on blackheads but if you have oily skin (or oily areas on your face), acne or pores I can’t recommend this mask enough.

A mask that works on oily skin, pores, acne, blackheads and that is also affordable? Click to read the review
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42 thoughts on “L’Oréal Pure Clay Blemish Resque Mask | Review

  1. certifiedpastryaficionado says:

    Oooo I gotta try this mask! I usually only use masks when I start breaking out so this mask is perfect for me. Thanks for the info!

  2. such a beautiful color! I’ve never done multimasking, but it’s always interested me 🙌🏻 also LOL love that you described the scent as a sexy man 😂 I like masculine scents!

    1. Ahahhaha there’s legit not a better way to describe it 😂 if you have combination skin, like most of us do, multitasking is amazing 😉😘

  3. Amazing! I have been curious about this mask. Thanks for the review. Buying one now. xx

  4. Hahahahaha it smells like a sexy man 😂😂😂😂 this killed me but anw, great review and I really want to try, i have blemishes and blackheads so yeah!

  5. Makeup by Erin says:

    I have to try this one!! I’ve used the green one before and loved it!

  6. Oo I’ve been meaning to try the new L’Oreal masks out but I need to buy myself a mask brush first to apply them with!

    1. Thank you dear! Let me know what you think if you end up buying something 😄

  7. 8 Euro seems a very good deal when it’s coming from L’oreal … And your review surely makes me feel safe to try this one out ..Will lookout if available in India .

  8. Really thorough review it sounds like an awesome product.. and I love the color haha even though it’s a mask!

  9. This mask looks nice. Is it good for dry skin? I’ve blackheads and dry skin.

    1. I think it will work, it’s not too drying maybe follow it up with a more hydrating one😉 that’s what I do 😘

  10. HOW DID I NOT KNOW ABOUT THIS MASK??? I love the L’Oreal Clay masks – those and lush’s magnaminty are my absolute essentials. Will most definitely be picking this up. Great review xx

    1. You have no idea how many jars of lush’s magnaminty I’ve used! You know they have the recicle policy where if you bring back 5 empty jars they give you a free mask? Well once I’ve brought back 5 jars of it!! The girl was kike: I guess you don’t like this mask?! Ahahahah if you love those you’ll love this one 😉 <3

  11. I totally need to try out this mask, it sounds amazing! I have the purity and detox masks and I love them, so I know I will love this one just as much X

    1. I still have to try that, but you are right, their masks are amazing! 😀

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