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  1. This is a great selection of lipsticks!

  2. I am all about a red lip for the holidays so Ruby Woo would be the top of my list!! Super festive <3

    • Same here. All time favorite. Have you tried ruffle trim or exotic from the same line ? They’re gorgeous too.

  3. Bedtime flirt looks gorgeous! Seriously considering buying it for myself now as it is exactly the sort of colour I love to wear

  4. What a beautiful colors!
    I also love the Lady Balls by melted and the Russian Red. The perfect red colors to go w the Christmas sweaters

  5. I think I would choose the Ruby Woo, it is more my shade. These are great options!

    • Thank you! If I have to pick up one I’d probably choose it too 💄😍

  6. Ruby Woo is my favorite! Nothing says Christmas to me like a good red festive lip. Love it!


  7. Nice choices. I usually love a red on Christmas too. I have a beautiful red from YSL i’m loving right now, otherwise Russian Red from MAC is my go to. Thanks for sharing your colors!

    • Ysl lipsticks are amazing! Never tried Russian Red though, need to take a look 😍♥️

  8. On Christmas I tend to not wear lipstick just because I’m messy and end up getting lipstick everywhere when I eat!! I’m not usually one for pink lipsticks but I love ‘Cherry Me’!! Some great choices 🙂

  9. I love the NYX bedtime flirt. I have ruffle trim and exotic too. I think you should try them 🙂

    • Need to check them out! Thank you for the rec, exotic looks stunning 😉😉😍

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