Emma Watson Golden Globes #MakeupMonday

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Hi Darlings,

So, in a never ending poll on instastories (thank you for partecipating, by the way) I ask you to choose between four looks from the Golden Globes and Emma Watson was the winner.

I don’t want to get political but of course this year the Golden Globes were so much more than just pretty dresses and make ups, on the other end though, I loved the looks I chose so much and I was a bit unispired this week therefore I’ve decided to do an inspired #MakeupMonday.

Every girl was so beautiful but I love Emma’s look because it was a bit challenging for me, in fact I never EVER wear orange lips and I had to RUN to my local drugstore to buy one otherwise I wouldn’t have been able to recreate this look.

I absolute love that it’s a modern take of a classic 50’s look with the more baby soft wing and orange lips instad of red.

(I am also doing a first impression of the foundation and the lipstick so let me know how you think the look)Emma Watson Golden Globes (7).jpg


Emma Watson Golden Globes (2).jpg


Emma Watson Golden Globes (6).jpg

Emma Watson Golden Globes (3)


Emma Watson Golden Globes (8)

Emma Watson Golden Globes (4).jpg


  • Lipstick: Maybelline Colour Sensational Matte in Craving Coral, as I told you, I had to run to the drugstore to buy this and I’m so surprised I actually really really like it! I already knew I love the formula: creamy, matt, long lasting but not drying and I can’t believe I’m saying this… I also love this shade, it never happens with oranges.

To set it all in place I used the Essence Instant Matt Setting Spray.

Emma Watson Golden Globes (5).jpg


Emma Roberts MET Gala #MakeupMonday

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28 thoughts on “Emma Watson Golden Globes #MakeupMonday

  1. Such a simple, elegant and classic look, you look beautiful

    1. Thank you sweetie 😀 <3

  2. MAC cosmetics makes a beautiful red-orange lipstick called Chili. It’s just the right combo of orange without flushing my olive skin tone out.

    1. Need to check it out, I love MAC lipsticks, I’ve never tought I could love orange lipsticks as much as I do 😀

  3. Well it’s safe to say, I think Emma Watson can do pretty much anything and be flawless!! And you did it as well!! You look gorgeous. And that lipstick!!! 🙂 Perfection love!

    1. Agree, Emma can do anything and still be stunning! I’m so obsessed with the lipstick 😀 Thank you so much darling <3

  4. Ooh! You did it well – certainly it makes a statement. The lippy was a great pop of
    colour – your eye makeup was awesome!

    1. Thank you so much 😀 <3

  5. This is a beautiful look! I love the orange/red lipstick 🙂

    1. This is the first time I wear it and I’m in love 😀 Thank you for the love 😀

  6. I love that orange lipstick on you! I would’ve never thought to do something like that but I can see how you were inspired by Emma Watson.

    1. Orange lips are not my think so it was nice to come out from my comfort zone! 😊

    1. Thank you darling 😊💕

    1. Thank you 😊💕

  7. I love that color. I think what I like most about it is that it’s different and a fresh new trend!

    1. Thank you 😀 it’s really pretty 😉

  8. That lip color though! WOWZA! I love how the whole look comes together. I never wear a bold lip color because I always play up my eyes, but I like how this all comes together.

    1. Yeah, me too, I definetely prefer bold eyes but sometimes is a nice to change 😀

    2. Same, I usually do bold eyes too but it’s fun to switch out sometimes 😄♥️

    1. Thank you darling 😀

    2. Thank you darling

  9. There were so many lovely ladies! Wonderful job on recreating the look! I bet it was fun to do. Cheers! xo~D

    1. Everyone was so wonderful! It was definitely fun to try something different 😊

    1. Thank you! She is the best 💕

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