I Woke Up Like This #MakeupMonday

Here's my No Makeup Makeup, tips on how to look glowy and pretty but in the most natural way lie you woke up like this.

Hi Darlings,

This is my No Make Up Make Up Look AKA how many times can Mimi say the word Make up in a sentence!?

But on another note I’ve been wearing this look a lot and I got SO MANY COMPLIMENTS like it’s not even funny! So I thought I could recreate it for you.

This look is so easy and quick requires minimum produts, it LEGIT takes 5 minutes to do it and I’m going to give you all my tips to make it look like you are not wearing a stitch make up and you just “Woke Up Like This“.

No make up make up (3)

Flat lay face.jpg


TIP: Mixing your foundation with your face cream is the easiest and cheapest way to create a tinted moisturiser that will make you look natural and radiant without being heavy. 

TIP: Using a natural blush on the tip of your nose other than your cheeks will look like you are naturally flushing and so look natural.

  • Highlighter: Smashbox Spotlight Palette in Pearl, I used the first, most delicate, shade on the high points of my face and on the inner corners.

No make up make up (2)

Flatlay eyes


TIP: Filling in your brows will bring attention to your eyes without looking heavy.

No make up make up (5).jpg

Flatlay lips.jpg


TIP: A lip balm will hydrate and protect your lips without adding any colour.

To set it all in place I used the Essence Instant Matt Setting Spray.

TIP: The spray will make all the face make up we applied mesh together.

No make up make up (1).jpg


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Here's my No Makeup Makeup, tips on how to look glowy and pretty but in the most natural way lie you woke up like this.

Ciao Darlings,

Questo è il No Make Up Make Up più comunemente noto come “quante volte Mimi riesce a mettere la parola Make Up in un frase?”

Comunque, ultimamente sto facendo questo trucco spessissimo e ho ricevuto TANTISSIMI complimenti cosa che non succede spesso.. Perciò ho pensato che potevo ricrearlo per voi.

E’ veramente semplicissimo e veloce, seriamente ci metto 5 minuti a farlo e vi darò tutti i miei consigli su come sembrare struccate ma in salute, della serie “Mi sono svegliata così!

No make up make up (3)

Flat lay face


TIP: Mixare il fondotinta con una crema idratante è il modo più economico per avere un crema colorata che renderà l’incarnato naturale e omogeneo senza essere pesante.

TIP: Usare un blush di un colore naturale sulla punta del naso oltre che sulle gote vi farà sembrare arrossite in maniera naturale.

No make up make up (2)

Flatlay eyes


TIP: Riempire le sopracciglia è un buon modo per dare definizione allo sguardo in maniera naturale.

No make up make up (5)

Flatlay lips


TIP: Un burrocacao idraterà e proteggerà le vostre labbra senza aggiungere colore.

Ho fissato il tutto con l’ Essence Instant Matt Setting Spray.

TIP: Lo spray farà si che tutti i prodotti che ho applicato sul viso si fondano con la pelle.

No make up make up (1)

32 thoughts on “I Woke Up Like This #MakeupMonday

    1. Super quick and easy, perfect for everyday 😀

  1. I love how it only takes 5 minutes! I never have enough time in the morning so this could be perfect for me!

  2. Lovely 🙂 Fresh and youthful, you look great

    1. Awww it will look amazing on you lady! 😊💕

  3. This is such a pretty everyday makeup look!! I’ve heard great things about the Nyx Angel Primer.

    1. It’s amazing, I’ve reviewed it a couple of weeks ago

  4. Hiyaaa!! I’ve Nominated you for a Liebster Award, you can see my latest post for the tag if you want to participate! It is so fun!!x

    1. Awww thank you I really appreciate it ♥️

  5. I love that shade of blush on you! I haven’t worn blush for years, but I’m thinking about it again!

    1. Awww thank you 😀 I reviewed it last week but I totally fell in love with it again ahaha xx

  6. Lovely lovely look, friend. Love it!

  7. I need to try these, especially primer. I am the worst at setting out to do a great makeup look and I always resort to the more natural look like this one. Great product tips to try!

  8. I love this no makeup drugstore makeup look!

    1. Well not everything is from the drugstore but thank you 😊

  9. You look so naturally beautiful I might try to do more minimal makeup in the future

    1. Thank you darling, sometimes is fun to go more natural 💖

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