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Hi Darlings,

Today’s review is going to be of the MAC Lipglass in Soar. I got this gloss a while ago because I have the famous Soar Lipliner which is one of my favourite soI thought I could give the gloss a go.

These glosses got reformulated a few months ago and about the formula MAC says: “A gloss in a wide colour range that can create a glass-like finish or a subtle sheen”.

You can get it from for 17,00$.

MAC Soar Lipglass Review (5)

MAC Soar Lipglass Review (4)

The shade is a neutral brown pink, quite dark, Kylie Jenner style. It has a slight shimmer which you can see only if you look really close.


The packaging is a thick and relatively small tube in a hard plastic material. The shade name is written on the bottom in the usual MAC style, it came in a classic black cardboard box which I don’t have any more. It is really nice and sturdy, I like it.

MAC Soar Lipglass Review (3)


If you tried MAC lipgloss you would know that they are very sticky and this one is no exception, the formula is very dense and thick but very rich in pigment and super shiney. Lipglass is seriously the perfect name, your lips will be like glass.

The doefoot applicator is quite small and sharp so it’s very easy and precise to use: it picks up just the right amount of product and you can colour your entire lips with one dip.

Something that really bothers me about this gloss is the scent! It’s terrible and honesly I can’t explain why, MAC lipsticks are some of the best smelling product in the beauty industry, why can’t these glosses have the same scent?

Anyway, they don’t taste bad but the scent is really plasticky.


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MAC Soar Lipglass Review (7)

In this swatch you can see how pigmented and shiney this gloss is.

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Here in this two photos I thought I could show you how the MAC Soar Lipliner looks on itsown and with the Soar Lipglass on top.


Since it is so sticky it is a very long lasting product (about 4 hours) that being said it tends to bleed a little bit on the sides of my mouth so my favourite way to use it is with the lip liner underneath.

Of course you don’t have to buy this specific lip liner but I still suggest you to use it on top of one that you own or use a trasparent one on the ouside of your mouth and put the gloss only in the middle, this way you don’t have to worry about the bleeding.




In order you can see:

  1. Dior Natural Rosewood Addict Lip Tattoo (30$)
  2. MAC Soar Lipglass (17$)
  3. Essence Sheer&Shine 09 (3$)
  4. Essence Sheer&Shine 15 (3$)

None of those is as shiney but the last one is very similar in colour and since it’s sheer you can get a similar effect, you can top it with a clear gloss to get a similar finish.

MAC Soar Lipglass Review.jpg


  • Colour: 10/10
  • Longevity: 9/10
  • Application: 8/10
  • Pigmentation: 10/10
  • Comfort: 7/10
  • Scent: 3/10


I like this gloss, I like the pigment and the colour, it is really easy to apply and I don’t really mind the stickiness. If you are looking for a long lasting, high shine, very pigmented product and you are ok with sticky glosses, I would totally recommend it to you. Sadly, I don’t really use it because I don’t wear gloss that often and I can’t stand the scent that being is said, it is a good product.



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25 thoughts on “MAC Soar Lipglass | Review

  1. Hmm I kind of prefer matte lipsticks (well this is a lipgloss so I get it) but it’s a really nice colour! I’ll look at it next time I go to town! It’s an amazing review by the way! xx

    1. Thank you so much! You can get the lip liner if you prefer matts and you like the colour, you can totally use it as lipstick all over the lips. That’s what I do since I prefer matts too.

  2. I love how pigmented it is and it seems to last for a long time. I might have to check this out💟

  3. sandypjung says:

    I’m a big fan of Mac lip products but have never tried this color. It’s absolutely beautiful and I could totally see myself wearing it!

    1. Glad that you discovered something new 😊 MAC lip products are the best! 😍

  4. Ooooh I love this shade! I just ordered a matte lipstick from MAC today (: it’ll be my second from them haha I’m sure you get asked this a lot, but what camera do you use?

    1. Can’t wait to see your order, as for the camera, I use my phone 😅🤫 I have the iPhone 5s 😊😘

    1. You are welcome! Thanks for stopping by xx

  5. Jeannette Anna says:

    I can’t get over the sticky feel of Mac glosses, my hair always ends up sticking to it 🙁 I prefer a matte lipstick personally!

  6. I tend to find stickiness and that weird kind of scent off-putting with glosses, but I do like that it seems quite long-lasting and it looks lovely on; shiny yet understated in the subtle shade. x

    1. The scent goes away after awhile, I just don’t understand why it’s so bad 😂😂

  7. Shalama Jackson says:

    MAC lipglass is everything. I love all things MAC lipcolor.

  8. This lipgloss is so pretty and pigmented! I prefer mattes but the color is just stunning

    1. I’m here waiting for mac to to a matt liquid lipstick or a lipstick in this shade ahha

  9. Love the lipglass formula and that colour looks so pretty! Great review x

    1. Thank you sweetie, the colour is sooooo cute 😍

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