Vampy Lips For Fall #MakeupMonday


Hi Darlings,

I have so many ideas for Fall #MakeupMondays but I’m afraid you are getting sick of them, so I’m going to do just one more and then I’ll start with Halloween ones, I’m so excited! I have so many ideas, you don’t even know.

Anyway, today I really wanted to share with you this look which, as always, is supe easy, with matt eyes (I love all matt eyes) and THREE different lip options: nude-ish, purple and burgundy. All the lip options are quite dark that’s why I pared them with a more simple eye look.

To be honest with you I’ve been wearing the burgundy lipstick a lot (I literally have been wearing this look or my Everyday Fall Look), it’s so comfortable and long lasting, but this look is quite versatile so you really wearing it with whatever lipstick your heart desires!



*Disclaimer: I’m sorry if the quality of the photos is kind of low, but I’m having some issues with my camera, so in the next few posts they are not going to be the best, thank you.*

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Smashbox + Casey Holmes Spotlight Palette // Pearl


Hi Darlings,

I really enjoy doing reviews (here my last one Dior Addict Lip Tattoo Review) so today I’m sharing with you my opinions about the Smashbox + Casey Holmes Spotlight Palette in Pearl.

I’ve been following Casey’s channel since 2012 and I was so excited to when I saw her collabing with such a big brand like Smashbox. (I’ll link you the video where she talks about the palette).

Smashbox powders are some of my favourite, I’m obsessed with the Full Exposure Eyeshadow Palette, such a creamy formula, really buttery and pigmented. So I had really high hopes for this palette.


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Celebrities Twins


Hi Darlings,

Today’s post is a funny one, I promise. The other day I was talking to my sister Claire about celebs that look alike but that are not even related, I was telling her that Cindy Crawford’s daughter looks so much like Rachel Bilson I can’t even and she’s like:

” Oh that would make such a fun post for the blog”. So we spent the afternoon thinking and looking for photos of celebrities that essencially look like twins or just sisters.

We legit had so MUCH FUN!

I think mainly because that used to happen to us: when we were younger people thought that we were sisters, when truth is we are just friends but now we call each other “sist” and we legit feel like we actually are related.

Mimi & Claire having fun with filters, see that we kind of look alike 😀

Now we want to know: do you think these girls look alike? Do you know other couples? Let us know if you liked this post and we might do a Part2 with men as well.

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Everyday Fall Look #MakeupModay


Hi Darlings,

Another Monday, another make up look for Fall. Last week I went really glam with my Falling in Autumn look but for today’s one I wanted to show you how my face looks on most days during this season.

So I chose to do soft eyes with a tiny wing and mauvey lips (I used one of my Fall Top 5 // Lipstick) I really wanted to be honest with you and this is actually the look I wear on most days when I don’t want to wear a classic dark lipstick (I’m going to show you that look next week so stay tuned).

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Fall Top 5 // Lipstick



Hi Darlings,

Since you all enjoyed my Fall Top 5 // Nail Polish I thought that today we can continue the series by talking about lipsticks, more specifically FALL Lipsticks.

I am a huge lipsticks junkie and it was so hard for me to narrow it down to only five. These colours are genuinly the ones I wear the most during this time of the year and I have had them for many years so I know it for sure, there though some new addictions (i.e. the Dior Addict Lip Tattoo that I recently reviewed) that are definitely going to be staples in my purse.

As always I want to know which one is your favourite from my collection and from yours, so don’t forget to let me know in the comment section down below!


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The Liebster Award

Hi Darlings,
I’m so happy today because I got nominated fot the Liebster Award!

For everyone who doesn’t know the Liebster Award is an award that is given to bloggers by bloggers to help new blogs grow and connect with others in the blogging world. It started off with nominations of blogs with less than 2000 readers and as the award’s popularity grew the max reader’s cap has become lower and lower. And is now for blogs of 200 readers and less.

Thank you to the lovely Taylor from Entirely Taylor she has beautiful blog where she talks about DIY, Lifestyle, Fashion and she also has amazing tips for different topics. Go and check her out!

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Falling in Autumn #MakeupMonday


Hi Darlings,

Guess who is excited for Fall? Ok, apart from everyone in the beauty world?! ME! And guess who in her Beauty Wishlist said that wanted the Urban Decay Naked Heat and ended up buying it FINALLY on Friday? Can you actually feel how hyper I am right now?

Today I decided to basically combine my Fall obsession with the urge to play with my new palette and I created this look for our #MakeupMonday . I’m so so so happy for how it turned out.

I’ going to create so many more looks for the Fall, just be ready, this is my favourite make up season! I’m planning looks so let me know what you want to see next and if you want a review of the palette


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Beauty Wishlist


Hi Darlings,

I’ve seen a lot of these kind of posts in my feed lately and I really enjoying reading them so I thought that today I might share with my beauty wishlist.

In case you don’t know, a beauty wishlist is essentially all the products that caught my attention and that I want to buy.

Since I’m a always broke some of these things I’ll end up buying and some will just remain a dream because the are either too expensive or I just have dupes for them.

PicMonkey Image.jpg

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Fall Top 5 // Nail Polish


Hi Darlings,

For today’s post I’m starting a new series (yet again, can you guess I love series?): if you like it every season I’m going to share with you my TOP 5 FAVOURITES for some beauty category. As always I want to know what you think and what do you want to see next!

Today I’m starting with nail polishes.

Let me know in the comments what are your favourite Fall nail polishes as I’m huge nail polish junkie so I can check them out!



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