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Hi Darlings,

I always find interesting these kind of posts, because you get to see the FULL review of what people completely used up and essencially if they truly loved something enough to repurchase it.

Today I’m going to show you my empties, do a mini review and tell you whether I’m going to buy the product again.


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Queen’s Birthday Look #MakeupMonday


Hi Darlings,

Yesterday was my sister’s Queen nineteen birthday, I can’t believe that chubby little girl is now a grown up woman. Time really flies!

Anyway, for today’s #MakeupMonday I thought I could show you the look I did on her yesterday.

Like every year I bought her some new make up (I am the one in charge of buying her new things) so today we are using them for the first time. Let me know if you want to know our thoughts.

Queen’s everyday make up is really simple but I love to glam her up everytime I have the chance as I think she is so beautiful and suits heavier looks.

Happy Birthday my Love, you make everyday brighter! I love you to the moon and back! Thank you for always being my guinea pig whenever I want to play with make up!



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Essence: Battle of Mascaras

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Hi Darlings,

In today’s post I want to do something different, as you may have seen I used the Essence Volume Stylist Curl & Hold (Pink tube) in all my #MakeupMondays:

Last weekend I was wondering around my drugstore when at the Essence counter I saw they had another version of this mascara, the Volume Stylist Lash Extension (Purple tube).

I really like Essence mascaras and since I liked the pink one so much I decided to give the purple one a try. In today’s post I’m going to review and compare the two mascara, as they are part of the same line, to see which one will win *drum roll please*…

“The Battle of Mascaras”


Keep reading to find which side is which!

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Nars Brand Focus


Hi Darlings,

Let me tell you a little story: it was 2010 and my BFF at the time went on holiday to America and I remember asking her to buy Nars’s Orgasm for me because, back then, Nars wasn’t available in Italy and I was so heartbroken because that blush was the HIT product everyone needed to have and I couldn’t get it. Sad times!

She ended up not buying it for me, but that meant me becoming obsessed with Nars even before seeing it in store… Eventually, in 2013 the brand finally hit Sephora in Italy and I couldn’t be happier!

Of course I wanted to buy as much as possible but with me being the broken b***h I am and always been, it was so hard to save money to be able to buy something and grow my mini collection.

So today I’m going to share with you the thing I have, have had in the past (bought and run out of) and things I want to buy in the future, because, in case you haven’t realised by now, Nars is my favourite brand.

You can buy Nars on Sephora and on Nars Website.

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Hot Summer Night #MakeupMonday


Hi Darlings,

Today’s #MakeupMonday it’s a look perfect for a hot Summer night out. I did a double liner over a warm matt brown. The base it’s really glowy and long lasting, perfect to resit in the heat and through the night!

I used the littlest amount of products and I multipurposed them so if you are travelling you can pack just a few things but still have a full face look!

I didn’t want anything too smokey, so this look it’s quite light but it will still enhance your eyes and (hopefully) your tan.


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Drugstore Haul UPDATE



Hi Darlings,

As promised in my Drugstore Haul I’m here today to UPDATE you about what worked for me, there are some HITS and some MISSES, so lets dive in!

I want to make a little disclaimer: in that post I said I was going to update you “in three weeks”, but today is two weeks after I posted that article, so I quickly want to say: I posted my haul a week after I wrote it, which means, although the post has been live for two weeks, I’ve tested these products for three.

I’m going to use hearts to rate the products:


Lastly, if something didn’t work for me doesn’t mean it won’t work for you and if you have any tip to make them work let me know in the comments down below. Enough blabbing, let’s get started.

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Must Have Brushes


Hi Darlings,

Let me tell you: you can have the best products but if you don’t have the right tools your make up will never look the way you want. I always used old brushes and more often than not I ended up having unblended eyeshadows or patchy blush.

So last year I decided that in 2017 I was going to invest in good brushes. After a lot of saving I bought two sets from and today I’m going to share the best of each one.

I know today’s post might be more boring than usual but I remember when I was deciding which brushes to buy back in January I’d have loved a post like this.

Lastly, the brushes I’m sharing are the base I feel everyone needs for everyday use, if you like to experiment with your eyeshadow you will need more and maybe you should buy the sets.

Good brushes last forever if you take good care of them, think about this if you are thinking of investing in some. Read until the end to find my tips for taking the best out of them.

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Veronica Lodge Inspired Look #MakeupMonday



Hi Darlings,

If you know me you KNOW I’m OBSESSED with Tv Shows and recently I’ve started (And already finished it) Riverdale  and I totally fell in love (…with Cole Sprouse duh!) with Veronica Lodge‘s character and look.

She is strong and fierce and determinated… Ok I’m not going to spend hours talking about this, just if you haven’t seen Riverdale, go watch it, it’s AMAZING!

Back to Veronica’s look: it’s quite retro chic with dark rose lips and a soft winged liner that make her eyes very upturned and feline, really sexy. I love it. The lip colour it’s really pretty as well but she changes it quite often: she wears either a nude gloss or a bolder red.

One of the Riverdale’s partner was the brand Covergirl, which is not available here in Italy but although I don’t exactly know what they used on Camila Mendes, I still looked on Covergirl’s web page and tried to guess.

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Underrated Make Up


Hi Darlings,

Today’s post it’s really important to me because one of the reasons why I started Blushy Darling is to talk about products that I love that people don’t know. Most of the times when I find hidden gems I want to share them and now with this blog I have a place to do that!

That being said today I’m going to talk about 6 products that I ABSOLUTELY love that I think are amazing and you NEED in your life but they aren’t really known in the beauty community.

I also would love your feedback on this post because I want to know YOUR hidden gems, comment down below and let me know!

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