I Woke Up Like This #MakeupMonday

Here's my No Makeup Makeup, tips on how to look glowy and pretty but in the most natural way lie you woke up like this.

Hi Darlings,

This is my No Make Up Make Up Look AKA how many times can Mimi say the word Make up in a sentence!?

But on another note I’ve been wearing this look a lot and I got SO MANY COMPLIMENTS like it’s not even funny! So I thought I could recreate it for you.

This look is so easy and quick requires minimum produts, it LEGIT takes 5 minutes to do it and I’m going to give you all my tips to make it look like you are not wearing a stitch make up and you just “Woke Up Like This“.

No make up make up (3)

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TMI Tag (Too Much Information)



Hi Darlings,

As you might have noticed, I’ve been posting mainly #MakeupMondays and Reviews in the past month, reason being that this is the direction I want my blog to take.

But I also want to connect with you in a more personal way and know you better so I tought that around once a month I’ll do a more personal post where I’ll share some facts about me to give you the opportunity to know me better.

So today’s post is going to be the TMI Tag (Too Much Information), I was tagged by the lovely Sara from Saradiz so thank you girl.

Something you might not know is that I actually have already done this tag… Years ago I had a YouTube channel (it’s down now, not my thing) and I did it back then but I’m happy to do it again, I loved it.

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Kiko Natural Rose (01) Shade Fusion Trio Blush | Review


Kiko Shade Fushion Blush Trio Review and Swatches (3).jpg

Hi Darlings,

I’m back with a new review and today’s post is going to be the Kiko Shade Fusion Trio Blush, I have the shade 01 Natural Rose.

This blush came out when the whole draping (*) trend exploded so the idea is that you got three shades to create a gradiant effect on the cheeks.

It comes in 6 different shades and you can get it from kiko.com or in store for 12,00$.

(* Draping means doing contouring with blush, so instead of using contour and highlighter to sculp the face you use two blush tones)

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Make Up Swap With Joy | Emerald Arabic Cut Crease #MakeupMonday


Emerald Green Arabic Cut Crease (7).jpg

Hi Darlings,

I’m so crazy EXCITED for this post! It was a long journey to get here but finally my friend Joy and I are showing you our Make Up Swap.

This post was suppose to go live with our Christmas Giveaway but due postal dramas we weren’t able to do it. My package was stopped at the costumehouse and someone stole some of the products she send me.

Luckily I was able to do a complete look but still it was so upsetting. Anyway, In case you don’t know Joy, her blog is Mademoiselle O’Lantern and she is such a sweet, talented girl you all need to go and follow her, like NOW! She is amazing.

The look I decided to create is this kinda Arabic Emerald Green Half Cut Crease look, I was so inspired by the products she sent (definitely out of my comfort zone) and I’m also going to give you my first impressions of them. Spoiler Alert: I love them.

Click here to see what I got her and to see how she created this STUNNING LOOK !

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NYX Angel Veil Primer | Review

NYX Angel Veil (1).jpg

Hi Darlings,

Today’s post is going to be a review of the NYX Angel Veil Primer, I’ve heard so many great things about this face primer and I got it for my sister for her birthday thinking it wouldn’t work for me.

I decide to test it anyway and fell in love with it. Some people don’t realise how important primer is: the right one can make even the worst foundation the best.

What’s your favourite?

You can get this primer here for 13,92£

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MAC Pro Longwear Concealer | Review

MAC Pro Longwear (1).jpg

Hi Darlings,

In today’s post I’m reviewing the MAC Pro Longwear Concealer, and this is going to be a DOUBLE REVIEW: both my sista Julia (normal/dry skin) and I (oily/combination skin) use it so you can see from two prospective how this product works.

Let me tell you, she recently become obsessed with make up and I take full credit for it, but when we were younger I remember she only wore a few things and concealer was one of them, so I really trust her recommendations.

I don’t have really heavy dark circles but I have fine lines, so I mainly need a long lasting product (it’s called Longwear), so I combined Julia’s suggestions plus the fact that MAC was on sale for 20% off that day and you know, I basically HAD TO BUY IT!

You can get it on maccosmetics.com or in store for 23$

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Emma Watson Golden Globes #MakeupMonday

Emma Watson.jpg

Hi Darlings,

So, in a never ending poll on instastories (thank you for partecipating, by the way) I ask you to choose between four looks from the Golden Globes and Emma Watson was the winner.

I don’t want to get political but of course this year the Golden Globes were so much more than just pretty dresses and make ups, on the other end though, I loved the looks I chose so much and I was a bit unispired this week therefore I’ve decided to do an inspired #MakeupMonday.

Every girl was so beautiful but I love Emma’s look because it was a bit challenging for me, in fact I never EVER wear orange lips and I had to RUN to my local drugstore to buy one otherwise I wouldn’t have been able to recreate this look.

I absolute love that it’s a modern take of a classic 50’s look with the more baby soft wing and orange lips instad of red.

(I am also doing a first impression of the foundation and the lipstick so let me know how you think the look)Emma Watson Golden Globes (7).jpg


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Sephora Once Upon A Look Palette | Review

Sephora Once Upon A Palette (1)

Hi Darlings,

Today’s review is going to be another of my Christmas presents, the Sephora Once Upon A Look eyeshadow palette.

To be honest, I’d never pick this up myself, I’m always on Sephora but I haven’t even seen it, that being said I’m glad my family got it for me because it gave me the opportunity to try something that I wouldn’t have tried myself.

This palette was limited editon for Christmas and it isn’t available on sephora.com anymore but you might still find it in store. Since it was a gift I don’t know the price but I think is something around 15$-20$.

*Dispite the fact it as a gift I will give you my honest review*

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Kiehl’s Naturally Nude Butterstick Lip Balm | Review

Kiehl's Butterstick review (6)

Hi Darlings,

If you saw my Christmas Wishlist you’d know that I really wanted this lip balm and my wonderful sister Queen got it for me, so today I’m reviewing it for you.

We are talking about the Kiehl’s Butterstick Lip Treatment, I have the shade Naturally Nude.

According to Kiehl’s website it should be:

“Supremely hydrating and smoothing balm with a nourishing blend of oils and butters. It’s made with Coconut Oil, with antioxidants, including Lemon Butter, combined with broad spectrum SPF 25 sunscreen. Lips feel and look softer, smoother and moisturized, and stay hydrated for up to 12 hours after application.”

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Emma Roberts MET Gala #MakeupMonday

Emma Roberts.jpg

Hi Darlings,

Welcome back, I’m so so EXCITED because FINALLY this blog is SELF HOSTED! It was a journey but I hope you’ll like the new design and you will love the new site as much as I do!

So as you might notice the person in the photo is not me (if this is the first time you see one of my post, well welcome, that’s not me) it’s my SISTER QUEEN! Moving to self hosted caused me a lot of stress so my acne flamed up, plus I have a bug bite near my eye so NO WAY I would put make up on my skin, once I’ll heal you’ll see me again. Promise!

Even if my sister is gourgeous. Thank you sis for the help, love you!

But another reason I wanted my sister is because today’s #MakeupMonday is a recreation of Emma Roberts at the MET Gala look aka my favourite look of 2017 and I think they look quite similar so this make up will suit her more than me anyway. The wonderful Charlotte Tilbury created the look using her make up line but since I don’t have it, I’ll use what I have, hopefully they’ll look similar.


Emma Robers MET Gala (3).jpg

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