BTS // Betty Cooper // Drugstore Inspired Look #MakeupMonday

Hi Darlings,

Whether you want it or not BACK TO SCHOOL season is upon us and even if I’m not going back to school, I tought it could be fun to do a #MakeupMonday for those of you who do, and what better look to take inspiration from than Betty Cooper‘s?

As you may or may not know I’m OBSESSED with Riverdale so today I took inspiration from Betty’s make up (I also did Veronica’s a few weeks ago) to create a look that is perfect for back to school/work, it’s super quick, natural and I used ALL DRUGSTORE products.

It took me less than TEN MINUTES to do this look, it’s so easy, but you will feel nice and put together all day.


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Dior Addict Lip Tattoo Review


Hi Darlings,

You have no idea how long it took me to do this review, I was so excited when I bought this product, but the day after, I got a herpes on my lips and for a week straight it was impossible for me to try it.

Now I’m back at it again and I’m sooo excited to finally tell you everything about the new Dior Addict Lip Tattoo.

This is my first review so let me know what you think of it in the comments and if I should change something. Any feedback it’s appreciate.


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VMA’s Best & Worst Looks


Hi Darlins,

For today’s post I decided to start a new series, which if you like, I might do it again. I honestly hope you do because, as I said in Monday’s post, whenever there is some sort of event I love to comment people looks. So let me know what you think!

Of course, I had to bring my Sisters in, we all have different opinions and it was a lot of fun to read their comments, I swear Queen made me almost cry laughing! I’ll try to keep their comment exactly how they made them but obviously I had to translate them in English and some of them needed to be PG13!

Thank you to my beautiful girls that even if they are on vacation they took the time to do this! I love you so much! Special thank to Julia who is always there to give me feedback when I’m debating about a post!

Now we want to know WHO WAS YOUR FAVOURITE? Let us know in the comments!


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Paris Jackson VMA’s Look #MakeupMonday

Hi Darlings,

Everytime there is a big event, like the VMA’s yesterday, I stay up stalking celeb’s account on Instagram to see the best make ups and overall look. I get so excited!

Did you guys like Taylor Swift new video? Because I surely am obsessed with it! That ending though!

Anyway, I decided to recreate Paris Jackson‘s look because she was my favourite, her look was quite original and she looked STUNNING, her make up artist, Jo Baker, used Chanel make up, but I’ve decided to use what I had in my collection. Don’t worry, I’ll share with you all the details.

Come back on Wednesday: my sisters and I are going to pick up the best looks and share with you some details about them.

You don’t want to miss it!



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TAG: Would You Rather? // Make Up Edition



Hi Darlings,

The other day on Twitter I stumbled across a this TAG and I thought it was so much fun, I wanted to do it immediately. I also thought it would be even more fun to do it with my Sisters: Julia, Queen and Claire.

If you want to know more about the all Sisterhood story and know more about them, click here.

The girl I saw it from it’s called Renae, her blog is The Air Force Sweetheart and you should totally check her version of it.

We would love to HEAR your answers so leave a COMMENT down below with you choices.



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Beauty Trash

tot (5)

Hi Darlings,

I always find interesting these kind of posts, because you get to see the FULL review of what people completely used up and essencially if they truly loved something enough to repurchase it.

Today I’m going to show you my empties, do a mini review and tell you whether I’m going to buy the product again.


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Queen’s Birthday Look #MakeupMonday


Hi Darlings,

Yesterday was my sister’s Queen nineteen birthday, I can’t believe that chubby little girl is now a grown up woman. Time really flies!

Anyway, for today’s #MakeupMonday I thought I could show you the look I did on her yesterday.

Like every year I bought her some new make up (I am the one in charge of buying her new things) so today we are using them for the first time. Let me know if you want to know our thoughts.

Queen’s everyday make up is really simple but I love to glam her up everytime I have the chance as I think she is so beautiful and suits heavier looks.

Happy Birthday my Love, you make everyday brighter! I love you to the moon and back! Thank you for always being my guinea pig whenever I want to play with make up!



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Essence: Battle of Mascaras

7 (1)

Hi Darlings,

In today’s post I want to do something different, as you may have seen I used the Essence Volume Stylist Curl & Hold (Pink tube) in all my #MakeupMondays:

Last weekend I was wondering around my drugstore when at the Essence counter I saw they had another version of this mascara, the Volume Stylist Lash Extension (Purple tube).

I really like Essence mascaras and since I liked the pink one so much I decided to give the purple one a try. In today’s post I’m going to review and compare the two mascara, as they are part of the same line, to see which one will win *drum roll please*…

“The Battle of Mascaras”


Keep reading to find which side is which!

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Nars Brand Focus


Hi Darlings,

Let me tell you a little story: it was 2010 and my BFF at the time went on holiday to America and I remember asking her to buy Nars’s Orgasm for me because, back then, Nars wasn’t available in Italy and I was so heartbroken because that blush was the HIT product everyone needed to have and I couldn’t get it. Sad times!

She ended up not buying it for me, but that meant me becoming obsessed with Nars even before seeing it in store… Eventually, in 2013 the brand finally hit Sephora in Italy and I couldn’t be happier!

Of course I wanted to buy as much as possible but with me being the broken b***h I am and always been, it was so hard to save money to be able to buy something and grow my mini collection.

So today I’m going to share with you the thing I have, have had in the past (bought and run out of) and things I want to buy in the future, because, in case you haven’t realised by now, Nars is my favourite brand.

You can buy Nars on Sephora and on Nars Website.

6 (4)6 (6)

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