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Collab With Sarah & Rebecca | Spring Daytime Bronze Smokey Eye #MakeupMonday

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Spring Everyday Bronze Smokey Eye (2)

Hi Darlings,

Today’s #MakeupMonday is going to be a Bronzy Smokey Eye, this post is also a collab with two of my favourite bloggers Sarah from Vintage Tea Rose (who did a super simple daytime look, so pretty may I add) and Rebecca from All Things Allatt (who did the colourful look because she’s the best with those) and mine that is somewhat in the middle. All of our looks are perfect for Spring so PLEASE, check out this ladies and show them some love, they totally deserve it!!

I used the ABH Modern Renaissance and I’m pretty sure it’s the palette I’ll be using for the rest of the Spring,.I didn’t want this look to be super warm toned, so I choose the more cool toned shades in the palette.

Sarah Rebecca

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Jennifer Lawrence Oscars #MakeupMonday

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Jennifer Lawrence Oscar Inspired Look (1).jpg

Hi Darlings,

Today’s #MakeupMonday is going to be a recreation of Jennifer Lawrence’s look at the Oscars.

I love Jen and I’m obsessed with this make up which was created by one of my favourite make up artists Hung Vanngo, he didn’t share which products he used but he said the lipstick was a mix of more colours.

Jen has hooded lids as I do (basically the only thing we have in common) so this look was perfect for me to recreate, it is a sexy and original bronzy smokey eye with pumpkin lips. She was my favourite at the event, I’m so happy you voted for her look on instagram.

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Kylie Jenner Editorial Grafic Look #MakeupMonday

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Kylie Jenner Inspired Editorial Grafic Look 14.jpg

Hi Darlings,

Today’s look is going to be a Kylie Jenner Editorial Grafic Look, I saw this photo on her instagram to promote the new Kylie Cosmetics Weather Collection and I fell in love.

It’s super edgy and dramatic, definitely something I personally won’t wear but I had so much fun playing with the colours and the shapes.

After my Halloween | Slytherin Snake #MakeupMonday I was dying to play again with green lipstick so although Kylie’s lips are more black/green than mine, I still love the final result.

Kylie Jenner Inspired Editorial Grafic Look (9).jpg

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Full Face Using ONLY MY MUM’S Make Up #MakeupMonday

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Full Face Using Only My Mum's Makeup (5).jpg

Hi Darlings,

I’m having far too much fun with this! I saw this challenge on youtube and the videos I’ve seen were HILARIOUS!

So today’s #MakeupMonday as the title suggest it’s going to be a Full Face Using ONLY MY MUM’S Make Up and also brushes (ok, brush… My mum uses ONE BRUSH!).


To be fair most of the products she uses I got them for her but she’s like two shades DARKER than me and has DRY SKIN sooo after about 30 minutes, I’m a greasy mess.

That being said, I’ve always seen my mum wearing the same make up look, which I’m recreating, she is very minimal and neutral and my HIGH MANTAINCE ASS is not happy to not see brow products or a HIGHLIGHTER!


I hope you will enjoy this post and if you do this tag to PLEASE, TAG ME, I want to see it!

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Aria Montgomery Pretty Little Liars #MakeupMonday

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Here's my makeup tutorial on how to get Aria Montgomery style. #prettylittleliars

Hi Darlings,

“Got a secret can you keep it?…” Are you fans of Pretty Little Liars like me? I love that show and recently my favourite girl Jackie Wyers did a tutorial of Alison DiLaurentis which totally reminded me how much I miss this show.

My favourite liar has always been Aria Montgomery, I love her aestetic and we have really similar personality so of COURSE for today’s #MakeupMonday I had to recreate her look.

Do you like Pretty Little Liars? Who is your favourite Liar?


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Pretty In Pink #MakeupMonday

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Pretty In Pink Valentine's Day Makeup Tutorial

Hi Darlings,

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and although I’m single AF  I’ve been feeling very romantic in the past few days which gave me the urge to listen to old school Taylor Swift and to play with some pink shadows too.

So today, for this Pretty In Pink Valentine’s Day #MakeupMonday I burst out my Urban Decay Naked 3 palette and I created this soft, girly, romantic look. I love the way it turned out, it reminded me why I loved this palette so much.

So whether you are single like me or you are spending the day with your special someone I hope that you’ll enjoy this look and if you choose to not wearing make up… I hope the chocolate tastes good!!

Pretty In Pink Valentine's Day Makeup Tutorial (1)

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Lady Gaga Grammy’s #MakeupMonday

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Lady Gaga Grammys.jpg

Hi Darlings,

Today’s post as you might guess from the title is going to be a recreation of Lady Gaga’s look from the Grammys.

If you know me you know I am huge Lady Gaga’s fan since I was 15, she’s one of my favourite singers and I’m loving the more “natural” looks she’s doing lately. They are still super creative and heavy but less over the top.

When I was doing my researches for the Grammy’s Best & Worst Looks I saw this look and I totally fell in love with it. Lucky me, the make up artist Sarah Tanno shared all the details about the look on Instagram: she used all Marc Jacobs and I’m going to include the list of products she used as well.


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I Woke Up Like This #MakeupMonday

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Here's my No Makeup Makeup, tips on how to look glowy and pretty but in the most natural way lie you woke up like this.

Hi Darlings,

This is my No Make Up Make Up Look AKA how many times can Mimi say the word Make up in a sentence!?

But on another note I’ve been wearing this look a lot and I got SO MANY COMPLIMENTS like it’s not even funny! So I thought I could recreate it for you.

This look is so easy and quick requires minimum produts, it LEGIT takes 5 minutes to do it and I’m going to give you all my tips to make it look like you are not wearing a stitch make up and you just “Woke Up Like This“.

No make up make up (3)

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Make Up Swap With Joy | Emerald Arabic Cut Crease #MakeupMonday

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Emerald Green Arabic Cut Crease (7).jpg

Hi Darlings,

I’m so crazy EXCITED for this post! It was a long journey to get here but finally my friend Joy and I are showing you our Make Up Swap.

This post was suppose to go live with our Christmas Giveaway but due postal dramas we weren’t able to do it. My package was stopped at the costumehouse and someone stole some of the products she send me.

Luckily I was able to do a complete look but still it was so upsetting. Anyway, In case you don’t know Joy, her blog is Mademoiselle O’Lantern and she is such a sweet, talented girl you all need to go and follow her, like NOW! She is amazing.

The look I decided to create is this kinda Arabic Emerald Green Half Cut Crease look, I was so inspired by the products she sent (definitely out of my comfort zone) and I’m also going to give you my first impressions of them. Spoiler Alert: I love them.

Click here to see what I got her and to see how she created this STUNNING LOOK !

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Emma Watson Golden Globes #MakeupMonday

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Emma Watson.jpg

Hi Darlings,

So, in a never ending poll on instastories (thank you for partecipating, by the way) I ask you to choose between four looks from the Golden Globes and Emma Watson was the winner.

I don’t want to get political but of course this year the Golden Globes were so much more than just pretty dresses and make ups, on the other end though, I loved the looks I chose so much and I was a bit unispired this week therefore I’ve decided to do an inspired #MakeupMonday.

Every girl was so beautiful but I love Emma’s look because it was a bit challenging for me, in fact I never EVER wear orange lips and I had to RUN to my local drugstore to buy one otherwise I wouldn’t have been able to recreate this look.

I absolute love that it’s a modern take of a classic 50’s look with the more baby soft wing and orange lips instad of red.

(I am also doing a first impression of the foundation and the lipstick so let me know how you think the look)Emma Watson Golden Globes (7).jpg

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